This One's Gonna Hurt


Dracula, my red betta has been slowing down lately. As of October 2009, we've had him three years.

This afternoon, I got home and he's laying on his side. He didn't greet me with his usual "feed the betta" dance. There's not a mark on him. He's just as beautiful, if not more so, than the day we brought him home.

He is one of my very special babies who has had a place in my heart since he came home with us. My heart is aching that Drac's time with us may be ending. I hope I'm wrong, but something inside me is saying that I'm not.

I've had several bettas over the years, but only one other has affected my heart like Drac. His name was Lestat and he'd hand feed. I brought him home shortly after my daughter's first birthday. He was with us for four years.


I'm sorry.

Hopefully he's just giving you a scare- they are good at that!



Sorry to hear about Dracula.


I'm so sorry BB. I know just the thought of losing him probably makes you sick. I'm sending good thoughts to you and Dracula!


Thanks, everyone Knowing that I have your support and that I'm not alone with this is awesome.

He's upright again, on the bottom of the tank. He's still not swimming around. I'm hoping his "senior citizen moment" passes and I have some more time with him.


UPDATE: I came downstairs from doing water changes and he was "wrapped" around the filter intake. He looked at me totally confused like "how did this happen?" I turned off the filter until I get a sponge around the intake. My proud, strong boy is not handling this well. I think it's catching him by surprise. His body is weakening, but his mind is just as sharp as it's ever been, which is only increasing his confusion.

Algae Eater

I'm so sorry. I hope he gets better.


Its always harder when you know the end is near. Best wishes.


:'( I'm so sorry.



He didn't eat his bloodworms last night. That's usually his favorite meal of the week.


Sorry to hear Drac is not well BB. Let's just hope he has aquatic man flu and he gets better. My thoughts are with you.


aww BB I'm so very sorry but I will say this, in my next life I'm going to be one of your fish! drac is one lucky boy considering where he could have been ...I'm sending you allot of prayers!


I' sorry to hear this BB.....thankfully hes been in the best possbile hands and has the very best of care


UPDATE: He passed on shortly after we got home this evening. I think he wanted to see us one last time before he left. RIP Drac. We love you.


I'm so sorry BB

Swim freely little fishy



Sorry you lost him.


so sorry for you loss.


RIP Drac. You were loved and you'll be missed

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