This is what a dead ghost shrimp looks like

Discussion in 'Ghost Shrimp' started by ninjuwat, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. ninjuwat

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    The first time one of my ghost shrimp molted I freaked out thinking one of them had died. I couldn't really find any pictures online to help me figure out what was going on, but after plucking it out and examining it, I determined it was just the exoskeleton the shrimp left behind. Today, while browsing the aisles at a local pet store I stumbled across three dead ghost shrimp in the bottom of their tank. It was the first time I had seen a dead ghostie and realized molted and dead look nothing alike. Good to know!

    This isn't the greatest picture, but hopefully it will help someone out. This is what dead ghost shrimp look like - if your shrimp looks like this, I'm sorry to tell you that your shrimp has passed on. If it just looks sort of clear and hollow, it's probably just a shell. The next time one of mine molts, I'll post a pic of that to demonstrate the difference.

    dead ghosties.jpg
  2. Dino

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    Generally when shrimp die, they lose their transparency. That's another way to be able to tell.
  3. OP

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    Yeah - they look sort of like cooked shrimp just laying there.
  4. Dino

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  5. Heather12404

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    Good to know. Thanks for posting this. I too freaked out when I saw the empty shell after my shrimp molted. Luckily I've never had a dead shrimp.
  6. TheFishAddict

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    Most times thoguh when i see them molt, you really only see half the shell.
  7. knini09

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    I freak out today thinking my biggest shrimp eat a little one, I only see half a shelf, then I saw all the other shrimps and I was what is going on.. first timer here, so I just figure the biggest one change shell? will he eat it? or shall I take it out of the tank?
  8. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    It's my understanding that you can leave the molted shell in the tank for others to eat. There are vitamins in the molted shell that will benefit the other critters.

  9. Matt B

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    My ghosties eat their own shells after molting. I like to think the one eating it is the one that molted getting his nutrients back. :)
  10. AmazonPassion

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    Leave the moltings in the tank, it is a good calcium source for the them required to molt again.
  11. Echostatic

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    Dead shrimp do look very strange, especially red cherry shrimp. I haven't noticed any dead ghost shrimp, but they do seem to all go opaque.
  12. lucky strike 21

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    When my ghost shrimp died it looked like they cooked it I wonder why they look like that
  13. plecoman123

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    yeah back when i had cichlids they killed my biggest ghost shrimp and he looked exactly like the picture you posted
  14. midnamoondog

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    It is so bizarre to see them looking like shrimp cocktail in there...
  15. Rikard

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    This just happened (molting) to one of my shrimp & it was the 1st time any of the four had done it. It was very strange b/c it was completely intact except for an opening in the back & it was floating at the surface. I left for the day & the shell was gone when I came back. You guys just answered a lot of my questions.

    Is it odd that I havent seen the shrimp that molted since? I've looked all over & can't find him anywhere & its been 3-4 days. Do you think he was eaten or he's just hiding really really well? There aren't really any fish in my tank that I could see eating him but I don't know where he could be hiding at this point either.
  16. Matt B

    Matt BWell Known MemberMember

    Typically after a shelled critter molts, it wants to stay well hidden for awhile so its new shell can harder. I would guess either thats whats happening or a shrimp died, was eaten, and you were seeing leftovers.