This Is So Gross And I Need Help!

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    So earlier in the week I asked the forum what a tiny red worm was in my fry fish tank. I was informed it was a bloodworm from a Midge fly. Turns out they have gotten in my house (probably from my outdoor pond) and have laid eggs in all of my fish filters. The filters all have live bloodworms in them. Now some may think that is great but I hate them and my water is cloudy from them. I have killed all the flies and worms I can find and covered my tanks. Next time I open my lids, more flies are in there. Has anyone had this problem? How can I get rid of them? I read about Mosquito Dunks you can place in your filter but afraid to try them. Anyone ever used them? I don’t want to have to change my filters and lose my nitrogen cycle in all my tanks. Suggestions, please! I can’t be the only one who has experienced this.
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  2. david1978

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    Im wondering if you could put the filter media in the tank for a day and just let the fish eat them.
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    I saw your follow up question in the other thread, but unfortunately, I have no answer for you. I was thinking maybe a small schooling fish, like White Clouds could help, but not positive on that. Also, the goldfish may eat them.

    Edit—I guess you could also try something a little bigger like Rosy Red minnows.
  4. Gypsy13

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    Hey there. I like David’s advice. Feed the fishes! Mosquito dunks or bits (bits release bacterium immediately) will work on mosquito larvae. And it seems to me a specific kind of fly but I don’t remember which one. I do know they won’t hurt anything else. Add some protein n calcium to your tanks. You’ve got free food! :(
    I meant to say the dunks/bits will add calcium n protein not for you to add some. Sorry
  5. psalm18.2

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    Wish I knew of a solution. Feeling your pain, that sounds horrible. I agree with taking your filter media and soaking it in a bucket, hoping they all fall off. Maybe rinsing the filters out while the media sits in the bucket?
  6. OP

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    Thanks for the suggestions, Gang. I cleaned all of the filters Friday night and cleaned all the tanks today. I went ahead and placed the filter media in the tanks for tonight to see if the fish will eat them. At least the flies can’t lay eggs in the filters that way! Gonna do some more reading on mosquito dunks too. I really appreciate you guys!
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