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Discussion in 'Funny Stuff' started by 0morrokh, Aug 25, 2005.

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    I just have to tell this story, and it shows what personalities Bettas have. I was in a store the other day watching female Bettas. They were in the same tank as Serpae Tetras. As tha shoal of tetras moved too close to one Betta, she turned around and swam at the two nearest ones, snapping. They snapped at her, too, but she held her ground. I was a bit startled--I mean, how many fish do you see picking fights with Serpaes?! As I examined the Bettas, I realized that she was the only one with nipped fins! Also, while the others hung back, she was the only one "marching" around the front of the tank. I would have bought her right then and there, just for her personality!
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    That is really funny :D I know by watching my tank mates that they all have very different personalities & traits, all unique and many humorous. I really enjoy watching how mine all get along well (finally) and how they manage to coexist together. Glad you shared, I enjoyed it ;)