This is not a toy...

  1. Beeker

    Beeker Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the warning.:;smack

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  2. Amanda

    Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    I LOVE the warnings you can find in the dumbest places.
  3. Nutter

    Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    I bought a chainsaw once with a warning label on it. It stated clearly " Do Not Touch Moving Chain. Cutting Danger."
    The best one by far though was on an aquarium I bought - "Drowning Risk. Do Not Place Head In This Aquarium".
    I guess someone thinks the consumer is really stupid.

  4. OP

    Beeker Well Known Member Member

    Those are the obvious ones, but did you read the warning carefully? It was talking about the bag! The bag is not a toy! It doesn't say anything about the danger of the sharp blades in the chopper!!!
  5. Tigerlily

    Tigerlily Well Known Member Member

    Stupidity + litigious society = cover your corporate behind to the point of ludicrous
  6. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    what's sad is that the companies had to have been sued for this stuff, for the lawyers to make them put those warnings on there...

  7. Gouramiguy17

    Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    Hey look a toy!!! Oh look a pretty sticker too!!! If I could read I could know what it said... I wonder what it says???
  8. OP

    Beeker Well Known Member Member

    The sticker says "Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from infants and children. Do not use in cribs, carriages, beds, or playpens. This bag is not a toy! Tear up bag before throwing away."
    It is a very important warning on such an object, don't you think?

    But that is another good point, any child that would be interested in such an item or even the bag as a toy wouldn't be able to read the sticker anyway!
  9. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Awww shucks, here I was planning on handing out plastic bags as gifts. :p
  10. steed1172

    steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    so i can't play with the bag :(.....than can i atleast thumb wrestle with the food(finger) chopper!?!?
  11. jgon_

    jgon_ Well Known Member Member

    I would have saved a ton of Christmas shopping.
  12. haedra

    haedra Well Known Member Member

    Hehe, here you go right from one of my pizza boxes:

  13. Amanda

    Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    NO!!! REALLY?!?! I thought ovens COOL DOWN food...huh
  14. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    Have you ever look at the warnings on hair dryers

    Warning do not use this in the shower
  15. Red1313

    Red1313 Fishlore VIP Member


    You know what they say, "Make something idiot proof and the world makes a better idiot." :p
  16. L

    LifeSAbeach Well Known Member Member

    I also love the warning we get when I buy a bag of peanuts: WARNING: THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN NUTS.
    The irony of this is that nowadays, it may not!
  17. Red1313

    Red1313 Fishlore VIP Member

    Ok, I've gotta ask... How can a bag of peanuts not contain nuts?:;dk
  18. speed0factory

    speed0factory Valued Member Member

    haha what they are thinking, still think that we are children???
  19. gremlin

    gremlin Well Known Member Member

    Cuz they all got eaten?

    Hey, if they can make meat that's not meat . . .
  20. steed1172

    steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    lol warning- may NOT contain nuts-cuz i eated them all :D