This is my Hail Mary to save my Betta...Clamped Fins + Laying on Bottom on Side

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Ok guys - Here is my Betta - I have had him for @ 1.5 years. I keep him in @ 3 gallon tank with a heater and thermometer set at 78 degrees. I add aquarium salt. I generally do a water change every day and/or every other day.

2 weeks ago, his fins started looking shoddy so I thought maybe it was fin rot and treated the water (after a change) with BettaFix.

That didn't do much so I warmed him up several degrees and kept him in a quarantine tank with only warm water + aquarium salt.

His condition has really deteriorated - He now just lays on the bottom of the tank on his side like he is dead. The only movement he does is when I come to the tank and he sees me he will really start fluttering his fins and come to the surface for a quick gulp of air and to see me but then right back to lay on the bottom.

I have treated him over the last 2.5 weeks (not at the same time) with the following:

Jungle Fungus Clear
Maracyn Two

I am unsure where to go at this point, unless he has possible ick and/or velvet that I cannot see? My next treatment thought is maybe Copper Sulphate, due to the parasitic possibility?

I really don't want to keep him suffering and I have yet to see him eat. Which brings me one more question - How long can he live like this? I know they are tough, but jeez...this little guy is a fighter and I know he is hanging in there until I can correctly diagnose and cure him (if even possible at this point!)

Oh one last detail...about 10+ days ago I was in the middle of a water change and he jumped out of the water, over my head and landed splat on my hard laminate flooring!! I was able to get him immediately back into the water and he swam, but that certainly could not have helped him at all!

He is currently with clean warm water and salt, as I await your advice!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


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5 years
I am sorry about your betta! I think the salt may be doing more harm than good, especially if he is having a hard time breathing. Do you have a filter? I also might skip the betta fix. You may be overmedicating as well. I have been where you are, tried the same things as you tried and it did not end well.

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