This Guy Is Needing A New Home. Is He Ok?

  1. waterwings Member Member

    I’m going to pick this guy and his home up tonight. I’m still learning about Bettas is this how his fins should look?

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  2. TheCrazyFishGuy Member Member

    That appears to be a crowntail betta. It looks fairly healthy from what I can tell, however, you may want input from a more experienced fish keeper on its health. You can keep it in a 1 gallon tank, but it will do much better in a 3+ gallon.
  3. waterwings Member Member

    Thank you. He will be in a 20 alone for now. Later I think I’ll buy a divider so I can do a separate 10 gal for another male.
  4. TheCrazyFishGuy Member Member

    That sounds great! I wish you and your fish-to-be well.
  5. waterwings Member Member

    Betta boy doesn’t have a name yet. When we first got him home I thought the move had been to much for him. He seems to have settled in now. :)

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