Thinning Out My Tanks

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    I'de really like to thin out some of the plants in my tank and was wondering if anyone could guide me as to how to send them via mail properly.... I've watched a few videos and looks like i cold get by with sending them in bubble envelopes wrapped in paper towels inside ziplocks or regular twist tie bags and they should do pretty well.... any other tips or tricks aside from adding heat pads and sending a small bunch in a big USPS or UPS box would be greatly appreciated... I'de even be willing to donate some stems of Bacopa (which i have an over abundance of ) to someone as a test run to see how they arrive ( USA only )...Thanks!!
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    Still nothing :(

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    Here’s a very very basic overview of how to ship plants. I’ve shipped over 200 orders with this method and it has yet to fail me unless the plants remain in transit for over a week (even then some still survive).

    Ship through USPS

    Use damp paper towels to wrap your plants in. Gently place them in a large ziploc bag and squeeze the air out. Place this plastic bag inside a padded envelope and then ship. First class and priority are both great options, but the slowest you can use is first class.

    No need for heat packs ever, these will melt plants unless you’re shipping somewhere below 0. You’ll need cold packs for areas over 80F. My cold pack is just a cut up strip of ice packs that are meant to line lunch boxes.
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    What type plants?
    I'm in Colorado Springs and our temps aren't too low right now.
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    mostly bacopa and some water wisteria. I'm not 100% ready to send i want to do a test run first so i can see how they arrive. Was planning on sending a few to a friend to see how they arrive then take it from there but i will definitely keep this thread active as long as its a success...Thanks for inquiring
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    Ok. I don't have either one of those.
    Out of curiosity, do they take high light, low light, etc...?
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    @Rtessy @Guanchy I bought plants from both these guys that showed up healthy.
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    Depends on the plant, if it's a stem plant, moss, etc, damp paper towel should be fine. No towel for floating plants, just a poly bag and a few drops of water
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    Do you think they would make it in a regular envelope with damp paper towels and a ziploc with a couple stamps on it dropped in a mailbox
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    I wouldn't mind so Bacopa and wisteria if you wanted to do a test run with me. I live in Texas.
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    Hmm, probably not. Heavy boxes get dropped on them during shipping, and they get beat up and bounced around on the conveyor belts. I use flat rate small boxes.
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    I've received plants from a few places. Most of mine have arrived in a damp paper towel, Ziploc, and bubble envelope. Java moss arrived in a regular envelope. A few arrived in a priority mail box. All arrived fine except for a floating plant. I believe there was too much water and it was wrapped in a paper towel. It was mush when it arrived. All of the advice you received so far seems pretty valid. I can be your tester if you would like to send some my way.
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    yes thats a very good point. Thats why i was considering bubble envelopes but like i said im in the beginning stages just to see what would work. Thanks for your info i really appreciate it
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    Yes i did 1 online order from dustins fishtanks and i believe tey were delievered in a bubble envelope but possibly a flat rate box i can't remember it was a while ago
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    You could try a padded envelope, but honestly it's very similar in price to the flat rate box, so in my opinion, it's really not worth the risk.
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    I appreciate your info i have 2 members that are willing to try this method and see how it works out. Thanks!!
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    I ship my floating plants wrap in a damp paper tower and inside a ziplock bag with no problem.