Thinking of getting small birds

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Joe G, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Joe G

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    I have a 16-month-old son who likes birds; he likes to look at them and is amused by the sounds they make.
    I have had a budgie in the past. What would be a good bird to get that is small that he will enjoy. To look at and hear. But ease to breed.

  2. newbie101

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    budgies are like THE perfect bird, which is why they are now regarded as "too common" by many people. They are small, easy to handle, fairly un-messy as birds go and with a bit of patience, can easily learn tricks (mine can shake hands and play dead, and I'm teaching him to wave) and many can say several words. The record for budgies is like 800 words and 500 sentences and 8 nursery rhymes I think. Mine says hello, and it is so cute with its tiny voice :D
    Budgies are also easy to breed, but to ensure that they breed, if it is really important to you, get a proven pair. Be sure to read up on budgie breeding before you start though.
    If you want a really nice pet, and most hand raised budgies talk, I would suggest a hand-raised one. They are usually $20 or so more, but IMO it's worth it for a healthier, friendlier, already hand-tamed bird.
  3. gremlin

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    Yoy may want to look at zebra finches - many colors, soft twitters, breed like rabbits!