Thinking it's ICH!?!?!

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    Got home yesterday @7pm from rehearsals and went to do my favourite thing in my spare time. Lie there and watch my fish. It took me a bit but I soon noticed on both rams that there were a few white spots only 3-4 on each dorsal fin. Then checking my other fish I noticed one on my pearl gourami's upper tail fin which he has had since I purchased him but I thought it was scare tissue seeing as he was being held in a tank full of various gouramis and they weren't dwarfs either and assumed he had been nipped at one point or another. Anyway so I think I have ICH and I know it's probably related to my heater not being good enough 50w in a 23g. It was a constant temp during summer and autumn (23*) but it's winter now and the frost has come late too but where I live it's about minus 3 Celsius at night and in the morning and I noticed that my heater isn't cutting it. I am saving up for a 100w heater though should be able to get it in the next few days. But yeah I was hopin to do a heated natural treatment with no salt as it's a decently planted tank and I don't want anything melting it. Quick question once I have treated the ICH (2 weeks at 28) how do other members maintain a constant temp during winter when at night it's minus 3 or so but during the day it's about 20. (Australian weather ) I'm unable to change around my temp during the day as I'm not home during the day but yeah how would you maintain a constant temp. I know I'm desperate for a new heater I'm still upsizing from a 5g that held some cherry barbs which are in my 23g and don't seem to be affected at all. Am I on the right track so far with my method for treatment? Sorry for such a long post.

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    Best wishes for your fish. Hold on for responses.

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    Thanks it's all good I've established that it's definitely ICH but I've got m heater now. Starting heat method tomorrow

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    Already saved it haha. Felt good to dip my fingers in some nice warm water to change the temp this morning haha. I've got a busy day so I'm up at 4am starting with the increase in temp.

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