Thinking about getting a new light for my 3-gallon tank


I currently have a 7.5-inch Nicrew Clip light on a 3-gallon Aqueon rimless cube tank. It's planted with Bacopa Carolina, Bacopa Monnier, S Repens, Anubias Nana Petite, and Crypt Wendtii Brown. I use most of the Seachem line to fertilize minus Trace and Iron. We have hard water with high iron. My plants are doing okay but I would like to try and get a bit of color on the bacopa. I think the plants would do better with something that was full spectrum. Plus, my Nicrew light flickers sometimes and it annoys me.

I received an Amazon gift card for my birthday and have been looking at some other lighting options. If I had $90 to spend on a light, I would get the Fluval Planted Nano. So, I'm looking at the Finnex Fugeray planted+ clip or the Asta 20 planted. I realize I would have to turn the Asta 20 brightness down or fight way more algae than I already am.

Has anyone used the Finnex Fugeray planted+? What did you think of it? I think the Asta would be overkill but I do like look it gives.
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