Thinking About Buying This Stand (50 Gallon Tank)

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Maikeer, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Maikeer New Member Member


    I recently purchased a 50-gallon acrylic "Clear for Life" tank, and it is arriving soon. The tank has dimensions of 36 x 15 x 20, and it has been a little difficult to find a stand that fits and can handle the weight of this relatively tall and narrow tank. I lack both the skills and time for a DIY approach ;).

    The stand above seems a little pricey, but it seems to be manufactured by the same company that makes the aquarium, and so I'm leaning toward getting it. Has anyone had experience with this particular stand or a similar one? I've searched the LFSs, and online on Wayfair, Fishtanksdirect, Amazon, Petsmart, and Petco, in addition to Hayneedle. Any ideas on stand alternatives or other good places to look?

  2. danhutchins Well Known Member Member

    Good stands are going to be pricey. I would check Craig's list and Ebay first but if you have the money I would get the one in the link since it's brand new and if there are any issues you can swap it out for another.
  3. BrandedUW Valued Member Member

    I agree that if you're willing to go with something used, check Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, OfferUp, & NextDoor App. You can find some really good deals. But if you like that one and can afford it, then go for it.
  4. wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    That is such an unusual size, that your options are probably going to be the matching stand from the company, or DIYing your own.
  5. Maikeer New Member Member

    Really appreciate the thoughts everyone. I am now likely to get this aluminum stand. It seems to have the right dimensions and at about $300, it is significantly cheaper than the oak stand from the tank manufacturer that I was about to buy. I have never heard of aluminum for aquarium stands, but it looks promising.