Thinking About A Black Calvus Question

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by redheadfishlover, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. redheadfishloverNew MemberMember

    I’ve got a 75 gallon African cichlid tank and I’m thinking about a black calvus

  2. MWRValued MemberMember

    It will be extremely helpful if we knew what you already have in the tank?
  3. redheadfishloverNew MemberMember

    I have about 4 red zebra cichlids, about 8 electric yellow cichlids, one unknown black and white striped cichlid that turns brown about every month one parrot cichlid mix and flowerhorn ( I’ll tell you the story about this fish if you want ), and one bichir

    Ok, the story about the parrot cichlid flowerhorn mix is that we have a separate tank with a bunch of parrot cichlids, and the flowerhorn parrot cichlid mix was being mean to the parrot cichlids so we had to put him in the African cichlid tank, and he seemed to be doing just fine in there
  4. mobehtaCichlidsNew MemberMember

    your calvus should do fine...I have a friend who breeds and he has about 4 calvus (calvuses?) in a 150 galon tank with huge cichlids,lemon jakes,dolphins,icebergs,peacocks and the calvus are doing very fine...they just take forever to grow..thinking of adding a couple to my tank but dont think i have the patience