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  1. Leigh82

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    Hi all,

    After a disaster last weekend I have moved my fish into a new tank, unfortunately as the tank I bought was second hand my angels had to share it for a night until I re homed the fish the following day. One of my angels is acting very aggressive towards the other two now, one of the others has suffered a broken fin. They had lived happily together for 3 years previously. He also looks to have a lumpy tummy after eating :(

    I think sharing the tank for a night has really upset him, will he settle down again?
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  2. safzola

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    i would take it out it is a start of bad things to happen ....not worth the risk
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    Welcome to Fish Lore!!! Pleasure to meet you! :D

    Can you get a picture of the one with a "lumpy tummy"?

    Are you planning to move/rehome the aggressive angel anytime soon? Does he look like he's doing real damage to the others?

    Oh, btw, the zebras and kuhlis need to be in schools of six or more.
  4. OP

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    Its kind of hard to see in the pics using my ipad as a camera. I've had him a long time and would really like to keep him, he has broken the pictorial fin? I'm not sure if that's the right name from my other angel :(
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    With angelfish, it's better to keep them as a single fish or in pairs, but the trouble starts when you get three or more.

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