Think I saw a worm in my hermit crab


So my hermit crab (coconut) has been burrowed for a few weeks now. I figured he was just molting but he just came back up and I could’ve swore I saw a little worm coming out of his shell on his side. With further googling this could possibly be one of his appendages that I think means its something female hermit crabs have but I’m not sure. If there’s anyone who could possibly help me understand what I saw that’d be great I just want to make sure coconut doesn’t have a worm or anything


I'm not an expert on Hermit Crabs but believe there are a great many commensal worms that live with Hermit Crabs and I think it is likely that you saw one of those. I believe that most of them simply live with the crab and benefit from protection and food from the crab and it's shell. There are some that steal the eggs of the crab, however.
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