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Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Jose, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. JoseValued MemberMember

    Hey everyone,
    I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank (cycled) that at the moment has two platys and three guppies. My question is about one of my guppies,named Snoopy. I have had him since November of last year and I have always wondered about him. Here are some old pictures of him. These first two are from January of this year, he is the yellow guppy.
    This from March of this year. (picture I took of him after a pea incident he had where it got stuck)

    This is this morning.

    I am worried that maybe he is getting thinner (wasting away). He appears longer now especially his tail, like he grew and maybe that is what is making me think he is getting thinner. I wanted more experienced fish lovers opinion, I have looked at my other guppies and at the LFS and Snoopy appears long but not as thick. I know all living things are not created equal and maybe he is just like that.

    What worries me is that I had a dalmation molly at one point (no longer with us :( ), she has been gone for several months now. She started with velvet (I think that is what it was), but eventually she became so thin and actually developed a spine deformity. I think she had wasting away disease or fish Tb and I read that it can be transmitted to other fish in the tank. She was in the tank with all my fish at one point except one of my platys (got him recently).

    I am just scared that maybe he just now showing symptoms.

    I notice how thin he is from looking down on him as his tail seems thin compared to his body (more so compared to my other fish). I am kinda leaning towards that maybe he is just like this cause I think his tail has always been like this since I got him (as he has always seemed slightly thinner compared to other guppies I have seen, ever since I got him).

    Here is a video of him today.

    Other than his physical appearance he acts fine and eats like a pig (Maybe I am not feeding him enough??). His waste looks normal, I think last I noticed (I will double check on this).

    I appreciate any thoughts, comments, or replies. I just want to know if I should begin to worry or not.

    Thanks all.
  2. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    I don't know anything about guppies, but I'll give you a bump and hopefully someone will provide some help.
  3. JoseValued MemberMember

    Yeah I'm not really sure about Snoopy.

    As far I can remember he has been like that I think. But I do notice he is just thinner than other guppies I see.
    My girlfriend thinks he has always been like that but I'm not sure.

    I just wanted the opinion of others.
  4. JoseValued MemberMember

    Hey everyone,
    I have been doing research about my fish. I found this one thread about tiger barbs wasting away.

    I have checked on Snoopy this morning and I noticed he poo was like a long string with like a piece of normal looking poo at the very end hanging from him.

    I have noticed several of my other fish have sometimes stringy poo, but then at other times looks normal. so I'm not really sure. I have read that sometimes the stringy poo is just from them producing more urea at that time or from internal parasites.

    Another thing I read in the post was that after eating several fish would gasp for air. One of my fish (noodles) always does this but I'm pretty sure he didn't when I first got him. I have also noticed snoopy is beginning to do the same thing every just notice last couple of days and even sometimes Francesco (all three are guppies). I also thought they just like to peck at the bubbles cause i have airstones in the tank, but noodles always does this. My platys don't do this they generally just Peck at all the plants and gravel after feeding looking for more food.

    I'm not sure. I didn't even consider internal parasites as from my experience with my Molly I just jumped to something like she had.

    I know I first started this thread just to see if I should worry about anything that maybe wrong from Snoopy. At first I thought that is just how he was, but I can't confirm whether he was like that when I first got him. I guess since he has been like this for a while.

    Now I am not sure, maybe I have been stupid not noticing these changes that has possibly hurt him and possibly the others.

    I don't think I'm cut out for these little finned creatures. I feel like I try to do everything possible to keep my little friends healthy and I never get no where. I started the original idea of just a ten gallon (my girlfriend actually really wanted the fish), but now I. Have three tanks the 20 g,a 10 for betta and a quarantine. I never minded spending money and time for any of pets but with fish I just can't get it right. I have seen others with fish that don't give the care I try to give with no problems. Its demoralizing and makes me want to quit.

    I'm sorry I made this post more about my thoughts than my little friends, I'm just a frustrated pet lover. I don't think I'm cut out for the possibly of how little time these little guys actually live and could be gone faster than any other pet I have had.

    Again I may be just making myself worry about nothing but the more read I just get more bummed that living creatures are probably given harder life just for being in my care.

    Again I would appreciate any info or suggestions. If maybe internal parasite issue I have metroidezole from Seachem and api general cure.

    Also one last question, could it possibly be just him getting older. I am still fairly new to fish so I'm not sure how they change as they age. I have basically watch Francesco grow up, when I got him he was half the size he is now.

    Thanks for listening anyone.
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  5. rsutoratosuValued MemberMember

    I have lost many fish to not eating. You really have to feed it and watch to if they are eating or not. If Snoopy is ignoring food, people usually use garlic guard or fresh garlic (press to get the juice out) and mix it with what you are feeding them. I just lost a fish, she was extremely thin, thinner than your fish.

    Mine was in a community tank and I only successfully feed her once or twice since I discover she was not eating. It was extremely hard, she ignore all food.

    Looks like snoopy is a male guppy, so they are usually thinner. Just spend a few min watching at the next feeding. Let us know how it turn out

    Watching your video, my fish is not as active as yours, she just slowly lost strength. I think snoopy is fine but watch at next few feedings
  6. JoseValued MemberMember

    Thank you for replying!
    Yeah Snoopy is a male. He eats like a pig. I have only five fish in the 20 gallon so I can easily see them all eating or make sure they are eating. That is why I am puzzled cause he eats so much but thin compared to other fish. Again I am not really sure if had anything wrong with him. Maybe he is just naturally thin??? I am not sure, but thank you for taking the time to look at my post and replying. I hope you are right and he is fine.

    Again thanks!
  7. JoseValued MemberMember

    Hey everyone,
    I actually began feed the fish in the twenty gallon a little bit more and Snoopy actually appears to be putting on weight (a little bit thicker). I guess he was under eating.

    Also he appearing way more active as well.
  8. Matt68046Valued MemberMember

    Guppies can and do get velvet, flukes and worms. Treat with prapraizo or mentraizole. He looks fine to me. Most other parasites are protozoan and you treat with malachite green (could be labeled Acriflavan or Victoria green) or copper safe. Just saying this because I had to treat my wild guppies 3 times before they looked fat again recently.

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