They're Here!

  1. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    So, my ranchus have arrived.

    Remember how I told you guys that she asked me if I would take in a second ranchu for free and I agreed? Well, two ended up being 3 ranchus! Which means my 75g is a bit overstocked so I may just have to keep the 29g up as another goldfish. Or rather I will put them all in the 75g and as they grow i will setup the 29g again for two of them. There goes my shell dweller tank haha. But I am okay with it :)

    I just finished acclimating per the breeder directions but I knew her water is very similar to mine so I didn't worry.

    The two freebies are still sort of a metallic brown champagne like Rex's belly, I would anticipate that these colors will change. They are really cute. One has two red marks on him. The free ones came in the same bag so I assume it's either injury or ammonia burn from their travels.

    They are super shy and a bit stressed out from their travels so I am leaving them alone but here is the best photo I could get.

    Ziggy is my lemon red. I am undecided on the other two. I was thinking a pair of matching names since they look like twins.

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  2. HappyKnitter Member Member

  3. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Wow! That is way cool! I have wanted one of those since I was introduced to that site and here you have three! :)
    Twin names are awesome!
  4. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Thanks :)

    Ziggy and the injured chocolate are perking up really nicely. Ziggy perked up first, then the injured. The other chocolate is still clamping and bottom sitting but I am noticing it is occurring less and less. Poor things must have been so stressed. It's probably no coincidence that the two who shared a bag are the most stressed.

    I'm working on names...

    One of the chocolates has a really cute snubby nose so I might work off of that. The other I am still without a name for. I would imagine both will change colors in time. Looking at them, I cannot believe they are only 7-8 months old. They must be the same age as my pet store goldies but they are noticeably bigger.

    Holy god...I have 7 goldfish. And a sick betta.
  5. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Haha yes, cool, also a little terrifying haha. Fortunately I can handle them! Their lives are mine now so we'll make it work. I'm excited to see if the chocolates change color or remain chocolate. Maybe I'll name them Sees and Hershey.

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey...haha. i was joking but I kind of like it, Hershey at least :)

    Oh! Oh!

    Hershey and Wonka!
  6. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hershey and cocoa! That is my pick! :)
  7. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    I thought about Cocoa but they both strike me as male (my poor Motley haha...she'll never get egg bound that's for sure) and Cocoa feels a little feminine. You're right though I'm not totally sold on Wonka. What about Hershey and Kisses? Haha that's even more feminine than Cocoa but it matches. I'll have to sit on it a little bit.

    They are starting to move about the tank in a very tight school but if I get too close Hershey goes right back to clamping and bottom sitting, I mean he drops like a rock. I have never met such shy goldfish but then again I have never had goldies shipped to me in the mail haha.

    I know I'm not supposed to feed them but I know they got brine shrimp a lot at the breeder and thought a few would make them more comfortable. I stuck them directly on the bottom of the tank, came back 5 mins later and they were all gone haha. It's all they'll get today but they're warming up.
  8. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Some better pics!

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  9. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    that's awesome! so happy for you :)
  10. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    PI I think Cocoa is a perfectly good name-or you could go with my ex bill's childhood nickname cocoa moe! :)
    Now that would be funny! They are very chipper for having been shipped recently!
  11. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! It's a little scary. But I'm getting the impression my pet store goldies may never get very big so hopefully they'll all be okay in the 75g together, I mean 7 fish in a 75g is not TOO bad but if I need to I could put a couple back in the 29g.

    They are so funny, my dog's food dish is right by the tank on the floor and they went nuts watching him eat. But if I get close? Mad dash behind the terracotta and Hershey drops like a rock with clamped fins on the bottom. Funny fish.

    I'm still working on a name for the other chocolate. Come guys - Reeses? Snickers? Willy?

    I kind of like Butter...short for Butterfinger haha.
  12. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Looks great! Can't tell you how happy it makes me when I see goldfish properly cared for!!!
  13. glo Member Member

    Ko-Ko and Butter!
  14. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Well i am not fully invested in the one chocolate ' s name yet they are starting to settle in! They are coming off of the bottom, not schooling so tight and spending less time clamped. Also, they are eating my plants. Sigh. I guess it was too much to ask for 7 goldfish that are not plant destructive haha. I am just glad to see them exploring. Their QT is on the floor and I actually fell asleep laying there watching them. When I woke they were all 3 looking at me but as soon as I stirred they darted away. So sweet.

    Kisses'0s wen seems a bit over her mouth or else his mouth his angled downward or too small or something. When she is less stressed I will get a better look. She just seemed to struggle with eating a little but maybe he was just not sure it was food.

    As I look now Hershey and No Name are back on the bottom and clamped but they don't stay there too long. Ziggy seems totally adjusted. But I am going to not worry yet and give them more time.

    They are so freaking cute you guys. I really need a name for the bigger chocolate.

    EDIT: Changed my mind. The ranchu formerly known as Hershey is a girl, which means she's Kisses, and big boy needs to be Hershey. I'm good with that. I'm in love with these fish. They are so freaking sweet. Keep in mind that there's no way to sex them right now haha. But, for now, Kisses and Ziggy are girls, Hershey's a boy.

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  15. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    That's adorable! perfect names :)
  16. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Haha thanks. If they lose their chocolate coloring, it won't make any sense. But it feels right. Also, my sexes could be totally wrong. I just got by what I "think" they are. I've clearly been very wrong in the 29g haha. So I could be wrong here but, for now, we're good.

    Man, they are stinkin' cute. I just want to hug them.
  17. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    More pictures :)
  18. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Stubbs for the snubby nosed one :) Hehe I love goldies <3
  19. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Congratulations to you AND the goldies! :clapping:
  20. Chunk101 Well Known Member Member

    You could WAIT a little while to name them and name them based on their personalities....

    Who are we kidding:;lg