They Found A New Home!

  1. KarenSoCal Well Known Member Member

  2. Mom2some Well Known Member Member

    " While the “walking fish” are very cute and smiley, they are actually on the endangered species list, which means they are illegal to sell. It remains a big mystery on how the previous owner got the axolotls there from Mexico."
    This part from the article has me head scratching. If they are endangered & illegal, how do so many people own them?

  3. KarenSoCal Well Known Member Member

    Maybe in WA, but not other states? I wondered the same thing.
  4. Cognac82 Member Member

    Man, I never find anything cool on my way to work!

  5. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    I think that they are endangered in the wild, but there are plenty in captivity and have lots of breeders that almost nullifies the illegal aspect of it. I don't think pet stores can sell them, but certified breeders can sell them, if that makes sense.