These are awesome!

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by newbie101, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

  2. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    the descriptions are interesting too :D one or two had to use tweezers to plant the plants ;D

  3. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    LOL!!! Emma, haha ;D Don't tell me anything lives in these "tanks" !?
  4. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    Don't think so lol, except plants
  5. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Nothing fishie wise lives in those. I think it was a more or less contest for how small can you aquascape a space. Some of them would be very nice enlarged :)
  6. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    yeah if you put a fish in one of those you'd have to use a shoehorn to smush it in there :D
  7. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    LOL, anyway, the little tanks are hilarious! ;D
  8. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    "smush" ? 2.gif
  9. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Haha, Carol I love these smileys! Do you have a Smiley Central installed on your computer? That's where I take my smileys from :)
  10. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    yep thats where I get them :)

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