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    Fish pictures that is...WEll and other aquatic decided instead of posting each type of fish/snail in different areas on the forum, that I would just post some here. Even one pic of my new kitten, Turkey.

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    Sorry, I have not figured out yet how to post info beside or around each posted picture. SO Ill just explain each one this way.

    1. This is Baby Blue being "petted" by me. He LOVES it when I do this. He is a crazy boy!
    2. This is my pride and joy! One of my homegrown Mystery Snail "babies" He came from a black daddy and a yellow mommy. All the babies have been black.
    3. This is Bebester (named by at the time my 4yr old son who thought he looked like Sylvester but couldnt pronounce it lol...We call him Bester for short)..I have hand raised him since the moment of his birth 9 yrs ago. Naturally he is my angel!!
    4.This is Squeaky, my lil stinker of a boy! He thinks my rob is his momma! He still suckles on it when he goes to sleep.
    5. These are my two knuckleheads hiding together in Nemos favorite log. lol..Dori was NOT invited and quickly pushed out.
    6. This is Turkey, the ONLY cat out of the 6 I own who is interested in the fish tanks.
    7. This is baby Blue, he is growing out nicely! However, I am still unsure exactly which type of betta he is..So any guesses/suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks for looking!!!
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    Hello Tuna excellent pictures :)
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    A nice series of shots. Lots of personality in them.