The ultimate fantasy fish

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OK, here's a good one, if you could own just one of ANY kind of fish, what would it be? There's no limits as to tank size, or for that matter, whatever requirements. This is just your ultimate fantasy fish tank pet. The only thing I'm going to hold you to is it has to be alive and swimming today; no megalodons or Nessies. But other than that, I don't care if it's a guppy or whale.

I thought about this a lot, and I think I would go for a Celocanth. They're this prehistoric fish that was supposedly extinct but in recient years some people have pulled up in nets, and I've seen diver footage of them swimming around. I think having a fish that hasn't changed in 65 million years would be facinating. Plus they're pretty weird looking.
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That big scary looking one Gozer posted the pic of, Arapaima. Coolest looking fish ever.
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I'd like a big tank with a fish from the bottom of the deepest Pacific Ocean trench.
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I would want an Ocean Sunfish in a GIANT tank. Its also called a mola mola, which is the scientific name. It pretty much doesn't have a tail and seems like someone just cut it in half. They get up to 11 ft long and can over 2 tons. That makes it the heaviest bony fish(except sharks and rays) FYI. =) It is found worldwide and swims around the surface-1000ft in open water. It "difts" at the surface normally but it can get pretty fast for its size. Hehe heres something you else you might not know. It also holds the record for the number of eggs it produces OVER 300 MILLION. That's right t-h-r-e-e h-u-n-d-r-e-d m-i-l-l-i-o-n eggs. I think its a fascinating fish. I watched a show on it and read about it after I saw it(on discovery) so that's how I know most of that. I had to looks up the egg number cause I forgot but other than that that's all from my brain but I am pretty sure it is 99.9999999% accurate. =)
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Hey! Nessy is alive.
Of course, she's reptilian, not a fish, so she doesn't count, anyway.

Out of actual fish, I think I might go with a giant sturgeon. These things are large enough to ride.
If we're counting other aquatics, either a great white shark or a giant squid, both for the intelligence factor and the scientific factor (keeping either in captivity is next to impossible, yet both potentially have keys to may medical problems).
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a massive school of thoes glow in the dark squid, or the glowing fish (anglers, gulping eles and such) from the bottom of the ocean.
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I would have a basic Freshwater with at least a couple of hundred cardinal tetras in a nice large tank and tons of plants.
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I'm basic I would jsut want a tank of cuddle fish
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Rays. Theres something magical about them, I think.
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Octopus. I know it's not a fish but that's the aquarium I've always wanted. I've heard they act like pupies. Getting excited when you come home and stuff. Or a Jelliquarium. I also agree with Mags on the Arapaima too. Those are just amazing.
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They can get to be 10feet plus. In fact, one was caught that weighed 1000 pds and was 11ft long. I'll take one.
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So you want a huge sturgeon? I read something that said they have seen one that was 25-30' long. I don't know how true it is since it doesn't look like a creditable site, but you never know.
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I always wanted an angler fish. What can I say ...I like the odd
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Rays. Theres something magical about them, I think.

I was just going to go with an oscar (I'd love to have one, but I'll never have a tank big enough!), but I like your idea.
reef freak
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Barracuda. nemo wouldnt stand a chance....
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I would like a Deep ocean Rift tank with some angler fish and some cephalopods, definently a dumbo octopus. there so unique
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Hmm ... as I'm in a bit of an > mood at the moment, I'd like a Great White Shark.

This way I can 'invite' some people that are in my bad books over for a drinking party and let them have a 'dip' in the 'pool' >
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I would like a Deep ocean Rift tank with some angler fish and some cephalopods, definently a dumbo octopus. there so unique

What about a Vampire Squid?
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Oh I've got something that's even better than my Great White idea that just came to mind >

Hapalochlaena maculosa

Oh the 'fun' I could have >>
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Oh I've got something that's even better than my Great White idea that just came to mind >

Hapalochlaena maculosa

Oh the 'fun' I could have >>
Lol, You must be pretty mad!
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Well, since it's my dream tank....I'd be able to have many Orandas, some Clown fish, and this guy.

Oh, I forgot my Koi!!
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I would want atleast two Orca whales. They are so beautiful and have been my most favorite animal for almost forever.
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Realistically, I would want a tank of dolphins- I am fascinated by them. Realistically though, I want an Oscar really badly. Maybe one day when I have room for a big tank
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Realistically, I would want a tank of dolphins

Wow a dolphin tank is realistic for you! Haha just teasing. Also you could buy a juvI oscar and then in a month or so have an excuse to buy the big enough tank!
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What about a Vampire Squid?

I've seen those... they're amazingly ugly, especially when they turn inside out!. I could definitly own one of them! Have you seen the little mimic octopus? It not only changes color, it postures itself to look like other animals or corals... VERY weird!
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I like odd creatures, like the sunfish or the vampire squid, but I think I'll go for a jellyfish tank
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A neon-hatchetfish! Neon tetra colouration, hatchetfish shape.

A neon hatchetfish??? OK, no weird But that makes me think I should start a new poll for just that: The ultimate hybred Frankenstein-fish.

OK, here it is, the frankenstein fish poll!

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