The transformation of Lucid & need algae advice... Pic heavy...

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Fishygirl3, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Fishygirl3Valued MemberMember

    Hi fishy friends... I haven't posted in a while. I realized fishlore was starting to consume me! Lol! And I needed to give my bettas a break from me obsessing over them. I've lost some unfortunately and I've gained some and learned a LOT along the way.

    Can y'all take a loot at this guy - Lucid. He's made some very strange transformations since I got him. Started in a 2.5g. Went to a 5g and finally has his own 10g. His water parameters are perfect (today - 0 ppm ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate) but I still think he's got fin rot. And, his tank is in the kitchen and I pulled out some weird green webbing today that I'm sure is algae. It's a planted tank - 1 Anubis, 1 peacock fern, 2 water sprite and 1 other). He also has a heater, air stone and BioEco stone. I'm wondering if its getting too much sun and I need to move it.

    Take a look at this progression and tell me if you think this is normal...

    He was rescued from Petco. Most of the others were dead and I knew his fate. His translucent colors mesmerized me. This is the 2.5 g and is the end of April.



    Here's a pic from his 5g. It was led so it was kinda dark... But I think you can see that his body is darkening... This is the end of May.


    Then I SCORED a 10g with hood for 20 bucks. I already had a heater and 10g filter... Here is he when he first went into the cycled 10g... I just love his "emo" lipstick. You can see he's getting darker. This is the beginning of July.




    Fast forward to today. I've been changing his water and testing. But I think he's got fin rot. And look now dark his body is now. He's even getting black streaks in his fins that match his body.





    The last two pics are of him with the snails I added about a month ago... ??

    I know this is long and you're a rockstar if you've made it to the end! So...

    #1 - is this progression normal? Have you ever seen this? Do you think he has fin rot?
    #2 - Algae control? I thought the nerile snails would help. Green webby algae? Thoughts?

    If you need more pics for better clarity, I got those... Lol. Please share your thoughts...


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  2. KindafishyValued MemberMember

    I think he is just growing into his mature colors.

    His fins are a bit ragged. Does he bite them? Is there anything sharp he may be catching on? To me, he doesn't look like he has significant fin rot, but how often do you do water changes? Frequent changes can help him heal, along with good nutrition.
  3. Fishygirl3Valued MemberMember

    I don't think he bites them but I can't say for certain. I was doing water changes every couple of weeks but have upped it to every week these past couple. There's just plants and that stone. Hmmmm. I will say I've buffered the heck out of the filter because he does seem to HATE it. But I can't not filter it, you know? I have some "tea bags" of Indian Almond Lead. I should put a couple in there you think?
  4. KindafishyValued MemberMember

    There's a lot of statements that Indian Almond leaves are beneficial for fish, esp. bettas. I haven't seen any proof of that, but it may be helpful. I would probably make sure his diet is of good quality and do a 25-50% water change weekly and see how he does.
  5. Fishygirl3Valued MemberMember

    His diet is tetra betta food. It's red flakes with freeze dried brine shrimp. I used to try and feed him thawed brine shrimp but he ignored it. Suggestions on that? I'm gonna try the IAL. I figure it can't hurt. I did a 25% change today. I was thinking of doing another in a couple of days. It just strange since his parameters are good...

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  6. MamajinWell Known MemberMember

    Id change his food to New Life Spectrum. Tetra brand foods are full of fillers. The more fillers you have in the food, the less nutrition they get from it and the more of it they poop out. New Life Spectrum is not full of fillers which means you feed less and they poop less. More nutritional value.

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