The sweet spot Question

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    The sweet spot<edit>

    I just bought a seaclone100 off craigslist (yes I know their horrible).
    Did some mods: changed the air valve, shortened the inner tube on the collection cup and sealed the cap on top.
    My question was how much air needs to be jetting into this thing. the instructions say open it all the way (that dosent seem right to me, you get an air bubble in the "J" tube(intake)). and closed you get micro's in your tank.
    So whats the sweet spot?

    Well I think I figured it out. but im getting brow bubble that eventually turn into a brown sludge at the bottom of the collection cup is this normal? or should the bubbles remain bubbles?
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    Hello Praterface. I'm bumping up your thread to see what responses you get today.