The Size Of Hairless Rats vs "Normal" Rats


Hey all! I want to know your experiences with the size of Hairless Rats compared to "normal" furred Rats. But first, a little about myself;

I kept Rats for about 7 years. I've rescued more than 200 Rats in about 4 years. Out of those 4 years, I only got 2 male Hairless Rats. Warm, sweet, and cuddly they were! I've learned over the years that Hairless are not as hardy as their furred brethren. They're more likely to catch URI's (upper respiratory infections) and can easily develop scratches or abrasions from play-fighting or general horseplay (or should I say "ratplay" ).

Anywho, I'm wondering if Nakies get smaller than furred Ratties? As I mentioned above, I've kept 2 before, but they seemed to be much smaller than the others? The cage I use has 7/8" bar spacing and works very well for my 3 big boys (especially since I free-roam them a majority of the time. During the day, the door stays open, with my room filled with fun toys, tunnels, giant litter trays, fluffy beds, etc, so they can go in and out as they please. They only get put into the cage at night, when I'm gone for errands, and when I'm on vacation. The cage is layered with fleece flooring and filled with tons of fleece hammocks, a large litter box, a dig box filled with crinkled paper, and much, much more!). Anywho, I'm basically wondering if a full-grown Hairless or Patchwork would be able to squeeze out of the 7/8 bar spacing? I'm not 100% on getting yet another Ratty (especially since my cage is only about 14 cubic feet, which apparently is fine for up to 7 Rats, but it even seems small for my 3 big boys!). If someone knows if their heads are smaller and could fit through the bars, please let me know! Thanks!
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I had ratters growing up, but never any hairless (because they seemed so fragile and accident prone, and I like the fuzzy fur!). I did have smaller adult males (all white with red eyes, really sweet) that were from the adoption section of Petco when I was younger. One managed to get his head through the bars of the cage we had them in (one of those larger, but still too small "My first home" type cages, didn't know any better at the time), and I don't remember the exact spacing of the bars, but I think it was close to 7/8." visualizing it on a ruler. He ended up having a permanent crooked neck from it, it was awful. I am still scarred from it.

From that moment on, I bought some wire mesh to zip tie to all cages that had bars. Took an afternoon, but worth it! Got a nice big ferret cage, zip tied the wire mesh over the bars, instantly rat safe! Had all the space for hammocks and toys, and they could climb everywhere! Would have rather had a 2 story critter nation, but did not have $250 to spend on it!

They might be okay, but I personally wouldn't risk it.

Your ratters sound like they have a really good quality of life! I'd love to see some pictures!

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