The scariest thing that's ever happened!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BlackNotebookTanks, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. BlackNotebookTanksWell Known MemberMember

    Hey guys - Fishy Horror story here!

    So today I was bagging my six female guppies so I could bring them over to their new home. I had netted 5/6 and they were in a jug, resting on the lid of the tank. Keep in mind my tank is up against the wall.

    Then, as I was netting the final guppy, just before I placed her into the jug, she JUMPED out of the net, AND DOWN BEHIND THE TANK. I totally freaked - there is no way I can move this tank as its way too heavy, and this guppy is now stuck between a very heavy tank, and a solid wall with no room for manoeuvre. I thought she was going to die I was so horrified. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking as I desperately tried wedging my fingers down in the gap to rescue her.

    After about 5 seconds of finger mushing, I realised my net is in fact, essentially a thin metal pole. So I wedged the net underneath her and carefully pushed her up to where I could pick her up. With lightning speed I used my hand to grab her and plop her back into the jug. My dad came in and asked me what was the screaming about

    I then added a few drops of stress zyme and stress coat and monitored her for half an hour to make sure she hadn't been damaged in the ordeal. It was TERRIFYING for both of us. If that gap was just a multimeter larger, or if she was slightly thinner, I could have lost her

    Thank the moon, she wasn't showing signs of stress, no fins had been torn and she was breathing normally (and still eating like a pig ) She, and the other girlies are now in their new home, safe and sound! (With hopefully no more Houdini acts!)

    Post your fishy horror stories below! I love a good read

  2. PlatyloverFishlore VIPMember

    That would freak me out! Glad she's safe, I'm very lucky in have no horror stories besides being freaked out by a ghost shrimp in some paper(they are really creepy outside of the water, and I love insects, but shrimp outside of water freak me out...), but this reminds me of when I was cleaning me Roboski hamsters cage, put him into a carrier cage on the counter. Look over ever now and then. To my surprise(and panic) he wasn't in his carrier and was instead under a chair cleaning himself. So I rushed to put three large dogs behind a gate. Then I grabbed him so quick and was kissing his head, I held him so tight he couldn't move. Scared me half to death... Well maybe I have one horror story, it happened when I didn't check decor for a pleco, left out for a day and put in bleach. You can imagine what happened next.;)

  3. Fishlover64New MemberMember

    Eeeek! It's SUPER scary and stressful when something like this happens! I have a similar story - I have tiger barbs, and they are big jumpers when they are being chased by a net. Well, one day I thought my tank had a leak. I was FREAKING out and quickly took some of their tank water and put it in a smaller tank and started placing the fish in it. I should have checked the tank better before jumping to that, but I was completely freaking out. Ends up the tank was not leaking and water had been spilled earlier in the day by my husband. Either way, back to the horrors of my story. I was placing them tiger barbs into a small 5.5 gallon tank and one jumped out! And here is the kicker - I was on the phone with my mom panicking, telling her what was happening. My husband wasn't home so I didn't really know what else to do but remove them and start taking the water out of the tank so it wouldn't leak everywhere. While I was talking to her and inspecting the tank I felt something on my foot and for a second thought it was my ferrets cold wet nose, then remembered she was in her cage asleep. I looked down and lo and behold it was a tiger barb! It then flopped under my couch! :eek: I was so scared to lift the couch because while it was lifted I couldn't even try to get the fish because I could drop it on the fish. I didn't think I had time to run for a flashlight to even be able to see. I was so panicked! I dropped the phone and I just stuck my hand under the couch and started feeling for it and right when I did it flopped out! I grabbed it and placed it in the tank and put the lid on it as fast as I could. Of course, all the while I was screaming and my mom was on the phone without a clue of what was going on.

    NEVER AGAIN! :;smack

  4. CefValued MemberMember

    So I bought a school of cories a couple of days ago, when I was about to open the first bag (contained 5 cories) the bottom ripped and they all fell to the floor (thankfully I was sitting on the floor when this happened) I rushed and picked all of them and dumped them in the qt tank without acclimation! So far they are doing good and eating.
  5. ChaseAceValued MemberMember

    I have a CAE who did something similar. I went to move it from one tank to another, and after getting him into the cup I was using to move him, he decided to jump. He took a three foot fall to the ground and suctioned on. My floor is hardwood so I was having a pretty difficult time making him let go. I had to wedge me nail under his mouth to get him off the ground. Thankfully he was ok afterwards!
  6. NicoldemeValued MemberMember

    I had to put three platys and a baby BN pleco in a 1gal for a few days, and at this time I wasn't particularly intelligent when it came to aquarium stuff, so when the tank suddenly became super cloudy, I panicked and rushed to get my fish in a Rubbermaid tub so I could change the water. There was no lid on it and I only had a towel draped over it. The water quality must have been horrible (I know this now) so no wonder my pleco decided to take the leap!
    I came over to continue acclimating them to the new water of their tank and while studying my platys I noticed there was no pleco. I swear, my heart skipped a beat and I ripped the towel off the tub (It fell in the cycling larger tank on the other side of the room!) in an absolute frenzy. Luckily, little Jimmy hadn't gone far and was latched onto the wood of my desk. It was difficult getting him off, especially with his little spines, but I got the stubborn little fish back into the water before he was hurt.
    He's great now, about to find him a new home. :)
  7. tfreemaFishlore VIPMember

    I decided to move a piece of decor to a cycling tank that I had just added ammonia to. Well a little while later, I went to turn the light off and saw something swimming around in what was supposed to be an empty tank at about 4ppm ammonia! It was one of my synodontis catfish! Crazy fish was obviously wedged into the deco.

    I scooped him up real fast and put him back in his tank. The temperature difference was about 10 degrees higher in the cycling tank to promote bacterial growth so he is one tough little booger to have survived. I call him hitch hiker.
  8. fisharegreat8962Valued MemberMember

    I'M CRYING OVER THAT PLECO. (I love plecos so much it's almost scary)
  9. ashleybValued MemberMember

    I didn't know that swordtails were notorious for jumping out of tanks. I came home one day and found my prettiest girl stuck to the floor.. A good six feet away from the tank. I was so confused and couldn't figure out how she got there because I did have a hood. The only logical explanation is that she made it through the feeding hole, which is just incredibly good aim for a fish. I felt awful. I now use bio bag mesh to cover the holes on the tank for the others.
  10. XanderWell Known MemberMember

    I've lost one kuhli loach from jumping either overnight or while I was at work...

    A rainbow shark was temporarily being held in a tote while I put my 75g together, when I heard somethting wet flopping around I had to go rescue him off the floor (thank god the cats were not around!!)

    But my horror story involves a separate kuhli loach who suddenly went missing. Looked everywhere for the little guy - around the tank, on the stand, on the floor, in the tanks' decorations, under the sand, inside the filter... I tore the thing apart and eventually gave up.

    Just before heading up to bed, I thought to take a look behind the tank on the stand again with a flashlight. Nothing, but when I shone the light at the AquaClear real quick, wasn't the goon there underneath the media basket and smooshed up against the side so I could definitely see his stripes in the transluscent casing (thank god AquaClears aren't black plastic...)

    I took out the media basket but had nothing small enough to get in there with. Removed the filter to try dumping it into the tank, and he's completely vanished again!! He'd wedged himself between the motor housing and the trim piece, right where the impeller is. So now I have a trapped kuhli in no water and I'm in the bathroom trying to RINSE him out of his hideaway and it seems like every time I manage, he swims his derpy butt right back into it.

    I DID eventually get him dumped into my water-change pitcher, but not without a lot of frustration and threats. Searched for gravel in the impeller in case he pulled a Finding Nemo on me, lol. Had a local aquarium club meet the next day, so I appealed for an unneeded pre-filter sponge and the club president came through for me.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2016
  11. SabrinaBrookWell Known MemberMember

    Omg all these stories are so scary! Esp the fish that was on someones foot lol
    I have a scary story too, well at least to me it was.
    I had my 2 neighbors over visiting and they were sitting at my kitchen table that is home to my Quad tank of betta fish. I was at my computer desk doing something online when i stopped and looked over to the table, it took a few minutes to register but one of my male bettas had somehow jumped in the next cubical with my other male betta! I screamed and shot up out of my chair, grabbed my net and went flying towards the table, my 2 neighbors had no idea what was going on lol I fished Goldy out of Rains cubical and put him back in his own. On inspection of both fish Goldy didn't have a mark on him, Rain however had a bitten and torn tail.
    It scared the life out of me, how Goldy got over and through a 1.5cm gap i will never know.
    I do have another horror story too. Again one of my neighbors Pete was visiting me sitting at the table with my Quad tank. Im at my computer desk doing something online when Pete starts laughing and says Sabrina look at this, while his pointing at my tank. I walk over to investigate only to see the tail of my betta Dags hanging out of the air pipe! I screamed at Pete that this wasnt a laughing matter and quickly pulled the lid off the tank and grabbed Dags tail and yanked him out of the air pipe! I was horrified. Next minute Dags was trying to get back in the air pipe again. I quickly pushed him away ran and got my net and told Pete to hold the net over the pipe. I had to think fast, so i came up with some panty hose and tied it around the air pipe with a rubber band. Much to Dags disgust he can no longer get in there lol :)
  12. LandosWell Known MemberMember

    I had a denison barb jump out of the tank while wife kid and I were in the living room. We didnt even hear or see the barb on the floor until my daughter started reacting to it. Poor guy took like a 5ft fall, but hes doing just fine.
  13. MothercrowWell Known MemberMember

    At the time this happened, I didn't know anything about aquariums. I was housesitting for a friend who has three aquariums, trying my best to keep her fish and snails alive for two weeks, and feeling pretty scared because she loves those things but my instructions had only been "Feed once a day. Throw in an algae wafer or two every other day. Add water if it gets low". She has a beautiful betta and I know she purchased it special after lots of looking.

    Well, one day I notice the betta is hiding in a piece of driftwood at the bottom of the tank and he's not coming out when I feed him. I think maybe he's eating when I'm not looking, but the next day is the same thing. I think, maybe I'm feeding him the wrong thing--like I said, there weren't any instructions--so I go buy bloodworms, but again he won't come out. I start to get worried. It's been three days. I tap the glass and he wiggles but doesn't come out. I worry but don't know what to do. The next day he's STILL IN THE DRIFTWOOD. I feed him, nothing. I tap the glass, he doesn't move. I FREAK. I've somehow managed to kill my friend's fish. Her special fish. I'm going to have to call her and ruin her vacation. I get my husband to come over because I'm a mess, I can't even find a net, I don't know what to do! He reaches in to the tank and grabs the driftwood and pulls it out and the fish comes with it! OMG THE BETTA IS STUCK IN THE DRIFTWOOD! OMG DID HE DROWN BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET HELP SOONER?? CAN FISH DROWN?? Just then he gives a little wiggle! He's alive! But he's stuck! Fish are so fragile! How do I get him out? I can't just grab him! My husband gives a little push on the fish's head, but he's really stuck. I'm crying and wringing my hands yelling, "Don't hurt him!" I'm just a mess, convinced that we're going to squish him or something. I'm having visions of having to hold the driftwood at the top of the tank so the fish can eat, or swirl it around in the water so he can swim. My husband gives the driftwood a thump on the top of the tank, the betta doesn't move, I'm hysterical. My husband gives it another thump and PLOP! THE BETTA IS FREE! He's swimming! He looks ticked off that we dared to assault him!

    You could easily see the dent in his skin from being stuck even when my friend got home. I don't even know what he was thinking, trying to squeeze into that hole. I left that driftwood out, and I wouldn't even put it NEAR the tank again. I probably messed up my friend's carefully thought-out tank and stressed her betta, but my heart couldn't take another scare.
  14. SabrinaBrookWell Known MemberMember

    Oh my goodness Mothecrow!!! That is a horrifying story!!! The whole time i was reading it i could see in my head the whole scenario, the betta stuck in the driftwood and you hysterical lol Your friend was lucky to have you look after their fish!
  15. BlackNotebookTanksWell Known MemberMember

    To all posting stories, these are AMAZING!! Hilarious now, but certainly not in the moment! Thank the moon there have been no casualties
  16. NicoldemeValued MemberMember

    The betta was stuck in the wood for three days?
    A betta? My first betta, Felix, got stuck in an air line tube and drowned in a few hours..
  17. AsterWell Known MemberMember

    I accidentally poured a guppy down the drain once...

    Long story short I was doing a water change on my QT tank housing a sick guppy girl. The tank was too small to fit a siphon into, so normally I netted her out into a separate container and then poured out the water. Well this one time my mom was talking to me while I was doing so, I tipped the tank over to pour out water and oh my god I just poured my guppy down the kitchen sink! Being preoccupied with talking I had forgotten to net her out... :eek: I panicked, immediately shoved my hand down the drain and tried to get her out but couldn't find her. Luckily our sink has this little bit of mesh that filters out large particles from water, and I was hoping like crazy that she got stuck on that part! All I could think was for her to not be impaled on the sharp blades or fall through the mesh somehow or else I would never forgive myself! My mom ran and grabbed my dad while I was failing to find the guppy and he took over while we stood by and freaked out, after what seemed like forever he managed to get the guppy out of there. She seemed absolutely terrified but otherwise okay.

    Fast forward to today and she's fine and still swimming :)

    I think I nearly had a heart attack that day, and lesson learned: talking really is distracting!
  18. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    I bought 9 rcs, i was trying to avoid getting the stores aquarium water in mine so i poured the bag of shrimp into a net over the sink. The bag slipped and 1 almost went down the drain!!!! I hurried and used my free hand to plug the drain and the shrimp slid right over my hand. I am ultra careful handling shrimp now and i plug the sink BEFORE i pour them into the net.
  19. BonBonValued MemberMember

    About six months ago my two female mystery snails were looking for places to lay their egg sacks, so they would regularly leave the water. I knew what they were doing so I was careful and covered all gaps in my hood with cardboard. One time I was doing a water change and I took the top off. I finished my water change and two days later noticed that neither snails were in the tank. I FREAKED. my tank is on a dresser and I frantically tried to move the dresser away from the wall to look behind it. Using a flashlight I find both my snails lying in the floor behind the dresser. I grabbed them and quickly put them back in the tank. About an hour later, neither had moved. I went to bed with little hope. But the next morning, my two snails are sliding around like nothing happened and there are three small egg sacks just above the water line. I still have them and their babies today.
  20. MothercrowWell Known MemberMember

    I have no idea if he was stuck the entire time. I know that he was hiding in the driftwood every time I looked in the tank, and he never came out while I was watching. Knowing that your betta drowned in a much shorter time, I sincerely hope that my friend's betta wasn't stuck for very long, and I'm even more terrified looking back at how long I waited!

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