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Here we try to brief you with the Chinese original charming paradise fish (Macropodus).


– knowing this can really help set the tank and environment your fish lives in perfectly.
The paradise fish's wild ancestors lived solitary lives in rice paddies and small fresh water streams of China and some other counties in Southeastern Asia. The length of adult male fish is about 3-4.7 inches and female is about 2.4-3.5 inches. They're red color with green or yellow stripes and colors are changeable according to environment. Male paradise fishes have very strong will to protect their own dominion, if two males encounter in same place, they will fight as knights until one gives up and retreats, sometimes the fight will make them injured, but they will recover in 3-5 days rapidly.
Chinese paradise fish is one of most famous tropical pet fish from 19th century(out port from China to Europe ). Due to selective breeding there has been some evolution to the paradise fish, no longer simple red-green stripes. Now we have various types of paradise fish.

Original sorts

New sorts
1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg


Chinese paradise fish can survive between 59-113 degrees Fahrenheit and water around 74 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for paradise fish. Just like any other fish, paradise fish breathe by taking in oxygen from the water but they also have an organ called a labyrinth bladder. This additional organ means the paradise fish can get the essential oxygen from the water’s surface. That's why paradise fish must come to surface of water to breathe from air from time to time. So it is vital that your fish tank / aquarium possess a space for air at the top for paradise fish. Otherwise, filters can be used to keep the tank water fresh but is not a necessity of tank. The ideal of tank size for a single paradise fish is 12*8*8 inches, and a cover is also necessary because paradise fishes can easily jump 7 inches high when they feel nervous. Every 2 weeks, you can simply remove a quarter of the tank’s water and replace with fresh water. Add in a few ornaments and plants for appeal but be careful not to choose anything with sharp edges in order to avoid hurting them.

Samples of the tank setup (individual tank and duel tank).
5.jpg 6.jpg



Another attribute that hasn’t changed from the origin of the paradise fish is the diet. paradise fishes are still carnivores, enjoying larvae and tiny creatures like shrimps which contain rich protein. Live bait and fish food are both fine for them, and you can feed them once a day. Don't feed too much in one time in order to keep water clean. Sometimes if you must leave your paradise fish for a 5-10 day journey, that's fine for adult fish.

Interactivity OF PARADISE FISH

Paradise fish make ideal pets, not only the charming color, amazing flowing fin but also the interactivity between fishes and their owner. You can train the adult male fish with some simple tools, you can start with mirror and then your finger. After training your pet fish will show its best status in front of you. If you have 2 similar size male fishes, you can put two males together and enjoy the amazing "fighting dance" with flowing color and wild strength, but we suggest to abort the show when the fight is too intense or one of them surrender.


Copyright reserved by Happy Fish Studio
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