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It just happened. I knew it was coming, though somehow failed to notice this pest swimming into my life earlier this morning.
I was doing a water change in my 38T, after neglecting it for a little while due to some medical stuff. The water was coming out a little slowly of my HOB filter, so I rinsed the media off in the bucket of old water. As I stood up, I heard a splash. All of the sponges were still in my hand. Perhaps I was hearing things. I put the media back in, refilled my tank, and then looked for my phone. I couldn't find it anywhere. I checked my room, my tank cupboards, even in my fridge (the usual culprit), but it was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, I remembered. That splash. I carried the bucket outside and slowly began to pour.

And then I saw it. My phone. Drowned in the bottom of the dirty brown bucket. Now it's having a swim in some rice so we'll see if it likes that environment any better.

So yeah, I started to wonder if anyone else had experiences of sending their phones swimming because of their tanks? It'd be great to know I'm not alone! The things I do for my fish! And now I have lost the photos of my rams that I was going to post in hopes that someone confirm their sexes... Oh well, that can wait.

Hopefully someone can find some joy in my phone's misfortune!

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