The office tank

  1. Llwynog Initiate Member

    Here is the office tank so far. I have 3 long fin zebra danio in there.
    It looks kind of sparse compared to others. Opps, I see I have a fake plant to put back in place.
  2. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Thats a great start, and I see that plant lol.

    We all had to start somewhere with decorating tanks, I'm sure in time you will add more to it and get it looking just like you want.
  3. nissan4life Member Member

    Very nice :) What else do you plan to stock the tank with?
  4. Llwynog Initiate Member

    I think a couple more long fin zebra danios. Beyond that I'm undecided. But everything is on hold until I figure out what to do with this Pleco that was unloaded on me.