The new 4ft tank

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    After the second leak on the big tank, I gave up and got a brand new tank. This one is a 4 foot, and is just gorgeous. The cycle survived and the water is great. I added two new angels to it and they never quite seemed 'good'. No signs at all of disease or injury, yet a few weeks after adding them they both died in the same night. Both showed nothing new in the evening, and then they died some hours later. One floated and one sunk - that is honestly the only difference the two of them had. I'm stumped, but a little philosophical. Something seemed a little odd with them. I can't even identify what it was. No one else is sick.
    The dwarf gourami has a huge bulge on his mouth. It's soft when he presses against the glass. I so want to take a lancet to it! But I won't. He still eats, swims, annoys everyone, seems fine. I'm putting this down to DG overbreeding. They're a finicky, fickle species. He and the other I have will be the last dwarf gouramis I ever get.
    I ended up with an upside down catfish. I will get him a school in time - I don't want to disturb this tank too much, and he seems happy pretending he is a loach for now. I asked my guy for any peppered cories, and he bags this little guy. I say, "dude, he's no Cory!", and he laughs and says, "yeah, he's a catfish. Under down swim!" Haaaa. I don't think he realizes how funny he is. I hope he understood me asking him to ensure he gets more in in the next few weeks. The language barrier is hilarious when he pulls out some random and unrelated fish to what I asked for :D

    Pictures soon. My lush, overgrown forest died with the leak. Mst plants survived ok, but it's sparse compared to what it was. Still, the growth is definitely coming back strong. There is some weird plant shortage in every shop I go to these days. Weird, I say.
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    Interesting. Congratz on your new tank, and I hope you enjoy it.
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    Not really much to update on this tank. I've been so, SO ridiculously busy up until yesterday with a job we did for the GLBT folks that my tanks (and life, generally), have been on hold. Anyway, their masquerade ball extravaganza is over (and, wow, talk about the very definition of "fabulous"! It's almost worthy of it's own thread, I tell you what!) and now my poor tanks need attention.

    I think the ich is gone. Well, the few spots I saw initially are nowhere to be seen. I've done the course of treatment, added salt, and will give another vacuum today hopefully. No fish have died. I'm so thankful. I'm definitely going against the masses, too, and will always treat chemically. Messing with temperature just causes too many fatalities. I must state that I honestly don't stock with temperatures in mind. I've got community fish only and the tanks live at 26c with external fluctuations ausing it to always be between 25-27c. That is a range nearly all community fish will be happy in. If I beef it up to 30 to treat ich, I KNOW (from mistakes) that corydoras won't survive that. I suspect a lot of my bottom dwellers would be sensitive to heat increases of that size. To me, it's just easier for my poor fish to dose up the medications and leave their environment as stable as possible. Anyway, the ich seems gone. I'm happy. :)

    My yoyos seem to be up to something. Two of the really fat ones are changing pattern. Really changing. Not even so much that they're more reticulated, but somehow different. And they seem to spend all day and night chasing each other. One of them is the one who planted herself in the floating driftwood a few months back when there was a mysterious egg deposit in a cavity. That piece of wood is now anchored to the floor of the tank with a heavy rock (it was only floating temporarily), and all yoyos love it still. Maybe moreso. However, she doesn't sit in it for hours anymore. And not days like she did last time. If something amazing had happened, it surely won't be occurring again. This new behaviour is interesting though. I'm watching with interest!

    Kuhlis are thrilled with salt in the water. I'm tempted to add it to my regime for this tank. I'll research salt another time (after the rotary club's 75th anniversary bash I am doing next week (insert exhausted smilie here)).

    The troubling little DG is on my watch list in this tank, too. His lump has started growing again! I'm wondering if it is time to sedate him again and actually try to remove it this time. Lancing did nothing, maybe if I try to remove it for him? I dunno. What if I mess it up? What if it helps him? Bah. I just don't know, lol.