The Murdering Silver Dollar

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I bought 2 fish that "I think and am pretty sure" are Silver Dollars. (It wasn't labeled.) I also bought 2 Tetras and 2 fish that where either Mollies or Platys. I bought them all at the same time too them home and one by one they would die until I was left with the 2 Silver Dollars. I have heard that all these should have been compatible, but yet the fins of the dead ones looked a little nipped. I'm pretty sure I had 2 murderers in the tank, then recently my mom says.. We are down to 1.

Couple of questions...

1. Are these all compatible?

2. I know that Silver Dollars like to be in schools of 5 or more. Is this possibly why they were aggressive with their only being 2 of them?

3. Is it possible that there was just 1 aggressive out of the 2 and one Silver Dollar would kill another? Would be safe to add another to the tank with just this one Silver Dollar fish?

4. Finally, what should I do with this murderer? Should I put him in his own separate area, in order to restock?

EDIT: I don't think this matters, but I should mention there's a snail in the tank as well!
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One recommendation, next time you might want to change the title to something more fitting. Silver dollars are fairly peaceful fish and I think this is something to do with the water. Could you post the water parameters like ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates? That would help us find the problem much easier. I do not think this is a problem with there being an aggressive fish.
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It sat 24 hours and was clean water..

How do I change the title? I can edit the post but not title! I would think if it was the water, why would the 2 "Silvers" be the last 2 standing? There was one incident where 2 fish died and I replaced them..still the Silvers remained. There was one tetra that hung out at the bottom and she made it to the final 3, then.. I guess they found her
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HI JoeyzMomaNeedzHelp welcome to FishLore!

A moderator would have to change the title for you.

What would you like it changed to?
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You should age water a week before adding any fish, water may appear clean, but can contain many poisons. The reason the silver dollars were the last fish standing is probably because they were just hardier. What size is the tank?
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The Murdering Silver Dollar sounds about right for a title
Fishy Friends
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Hello & welcome. That is really a you know about the Nitrogen Cycle? There is a lot of interesting & helpful information in the freshwater free PDF download as well☺
Claire Bear
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HI JoeyzMomaNeedzHelp and welcome. There are several questions that I have and hopefully by asking, it will help you as well.
What size tank are we talking about and how long was it running-a month, a week, a day or two?

How often are you removing/replacing water and how long did it take to lose the fish-a few weeks?

If the dead ones are nipped, it could be after they were dead or not.

Did you see any signs on the dead silver dollar and could you post a picture of the silver dollar you have left as sometimes there are other types of fish that look very similar to silver dollars but are more aggressive.
Hopefully we can come up with some problem solving that will help you restock successfully!
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I didn't get a chance to see the dead silver dollar. I will get a picture this weekend of the survivor. the fish started dying not even a week into having them. I think the tank is 50 gallons? I'm not a big fish keeper but its the normal type aquarium for a group of fish. The tank has been set up a while, but I believe the water was clean and aquafine was put in as well. Also the fish were placed at the top in the bag before being removed, so it couldn't be the immediate shock. My mom has been keeping fish for years so she knows the basics
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Good morning,

I would really be surprised if your Silver Dollars were causing harm and death to your other fish. Silver Dollars are the most peaceful fish I have ever owned and I've been in the hobby for more than 40 years. I have to believe that there are more issues going on here causing your loss of fish.

Yes, Silver Dollars do like to be in groups as there is safety in #'s, and #'s help these fish to feel more secure, however, having only 2 of them will not bring about aggression toward other fish, IMO.

Currently I have 8 Silver Dollars in my 265g tank with 5 of them being 13 years old.

Photos and a list of your water parameters for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH will help us to help you more.

Sorry for your losses. I know it isn't easy at times.

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I don't know anything about silver dollars but did you get to see any of the aggression yourself?
Roxie Brookshire
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Sounds more like new tank syndrome.
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well a lil update on where I've been an what's going on... I was all prepared to get the pic. Then the South started having strange weather and knocked the power out for a few days. Needless to say; the water went cold and the fish and the snail are no longer with us. The mystery still remains!!
hopeful fish
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I'm sorry for your loss It's always terrible when they go…

If you plan to get more fish, a must is reading up on the Nitrogen Cycle. This is ESSENTIAL to keep fish, and it says you do not know what it is in your profile. I honestly don't think it was the aggression, I think it was water quality and chloramine.

You cannot simply leave water out to make sure it is fit for fish. Chlorinator is a MUST, because many plants use chloramine to treat water, and there can also be harmful metals in the water.

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