the most popular american products in Iran


lets say most of us have satellite to watch other countries TV program, first and the most is US, ...and then the others, and it's because it's really interesting and fun, not repetitive, and we can feel the connection. the language is English and we can understand the most of it, if I want to name the popular ones:

Friends series
24 series
Lost series
how I met your mother
CNN news channel
American favorite dancer
American idol
American got talent
prison Break

all the music productin, ( there are lots of true fans of american music here) but there are some singers that all of us know: Michael Jackson:'( , Elvis Presley:'( , Madonna, Britney Spears, ... and a lot more

and these two songs that everyone knows: Macarena and Lambada.

Hollywood movies ( I can't say how people looking forward to watch the new movies that come to movie theater)
Harry Potter series
War of the World
Lord of the Rings
(this section takes lots of time, because they are really a lot and I can't name them all in even one page)

wow lot's of cartoons like ( Sinderella,sleeping beauty,Beauty and the Beast,Incredibles, the little Mermaid, Coraline,up, monster vs aliens, Ice age, Madagascar) they are a lot too.

Tin Tin Series

I thought I could write a small list but now I see WOW, it's much more than that I had thought,

so for now I give up, maybe I write a bit more later

love you guys

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That's really interesting!
I love how different cultures can enjoy the same things.
Lost is one of my favotires. I'll miss it when the series ends.
Thanks for sharing!


I watched 24 for many years. We stopped watching last season, and this season my favorite Indian actor from my teenage years (Anil Kapoor) is on there. Such is life...


I'm amused that "How I Met Your Mother" is in among the rest. Not that it's not a good show, but almost every other show/movie is some epic action tale, whether it's modern military or high fantasy, or an entertainment reality show.

It is really neat to see the stuff that is popular in other countries.
I'm a huge fan of Japanese animation, Scandinavian metal and pop, and a number of British TV shows (I will get a region-free DVD player so I can watch Full Metal Challenge).


This is a really interesting thread, thanks for sharing!

luna 13

Very interesting to know. My favorite TV show is also Lost and it is too bad this is the final season. I think Avatar is the best movie I have ever seen. Me and my husband watched it twice.
It is nice that we can connect through movies all over the world.

Peace, Nora.


I loved Avatar.


Avatar was good. Though it's not quite as well animated, Kaena: the Prophecy is very similar and an excellent movie. I'd suggest it to anyone who liked Avatar.

I see that CNN is on the list, too. Isn't it interesting to see news about one's own nation from another nation's point of view? I scan the BBC website almost every day, and I periodically get translated Japanese news, and it's always fun (and sometimes sobering) to see national news from an international view.

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