The Most Inspiring Shrimp Colony Comeback Story


This is by far my best “never give up” story in the hobby.

I wanted to start a blue dream colony in a 10 gallon I had lying around. I called up every fish store in the area, and only one who has them is selling them for the grand price of 10 bucks a piece. Now, I didn’t want to pay that much but I was too excited so I sunk 50 bucks into 5 blue dream shrimp. Now they were kind enough to accidentally net one small microscopic shrimplet (this is important).

I go home and add them in and everything is all good for a few months but no breeding. Meanwhile, this shrimplet is nowhere to be found, and I only saw it on day 1. Then I have to travel for two weeks, so I throw in an algae covered rock and some flakes for the shrimp to munch on and then I take my leave. When I return, just two shrimp are alive and again, I don’t see the shrimplet.

At this point, I regard this tank as a failure. A few more months go by and obviously nothing is happening. But then one day, I notice this clear shrimp, quite small still, but definitely a shrimp. It was at this moment that it struck me, this was the shrimplet that I first got and had never seen since!

About another month goes by, still three shrimp in the 10 gallon. One day, I notice the clear shrimp is looking bigger, and that’s when I saw it. It was berried. I was so happy but I knew that this was only the first step. A few weeks go by and then the shrimp isn’t berried anymore. I looked frantically for any trace of babies, but couldn’t find any evidence of one. I was planning to do a rescape of the tank so after a few more weeks, I finally took one last look at the tank before I drained it and put it out of its misery. And that’s when I saw it. One, beautiful small blue shrimp that couldn’t have been more than an eigth of an inch. Once you see one, you see them all. All of a sudden, more and more were appearing to me until I could count around 6 or 7 in one area alone. I couldn’t see into the dense plant foliage, but I’m sure there’s more there too that I can’t see.

I just wanted to tell this story for people who are having doubts on their shrimp breeding project. I lost all but 2 shrimp and the baby shrimp that survived was the only one that could carry on the colony. The whole time period from getting the shrimp to getting babies was around 8 months. It’s amazing how things work out like this.


Awww!!! That's so awesome! My shrimp NEVER breed


What a lovely tale!
It's nice to hear a feel-good story with a happy ending-congratulations on your baby shrimps!

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