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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jgon_, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. GoGreen

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    My honey gourami, Sherlock. He is in love with one of my platies. Whenever I waich my fish, every so often Sherlock will swim around frantically looking for Finly, and when he finds Finly he will do a quick body search with his feelers to make sure Finly is okay. Then he will swim off, contented with her status, for a while. And he will chase everyone else at feeding time, but has learned how to eat happily beside Finly. Plus Sherlock thinks he is a bottom feeder, he has great respect for the cories, he would never chase them, he loves their pellets, and is always trying to get brownie points with them so he gets to share!

    What a nut.
  2. Aquarist

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    Well, my new girl Phyllis (photo below) met her demise shortly after the photos were taken. She was fun while she lasted!

    Ken :;laughing

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  3. Shawnie

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    :;rl sometimes I wonder about you!! (ok well not sometime...ALL the time!:anim_35:)
  4. Aquarist

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    Please note Phyllis was a decorated Easter egg. :)

  5. Elodea

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    Oh, she was an Easter egg? I was about to tell you that your tank (wait a minute, is that a cup?) was a bit overstocked. Not to mention the slight drawback that it wasn't filled yet.
  6. ColumbianShark3

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    For me it has to be my tinfoil barbs, one of them has now survived 5 meetings with my tank hood/lid, and I mean he slams in to it like a crazy fish, I think he does it when the other try's to chase him/her
  7. Aquarist

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    Hello Elodea,

    She splashed all of her water out at feeding time. I was soaked from head to toe! rofl.
    I also used salt! :whistling: (and a squirt of ketchup)
  8. Tigerfishy

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    Lol Ken, I was just gonna beg you to get some of her spawn, but she'll never have any now :(
  9. LenFish

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    It's hard to say which of my fish is the most insane as I seem to be running an under water sanitarium. The 2 pictus, Crank and Tweek, zip around dancing with each other "mowing over" whoever's in the way (yesterday one of them slammed into the blue lobster and sent him into a back flip that took him halfway across the 75 G tank). The 4 gouramies seem to be on ecstasy the way the will feel up ANYTHING, pulse or not (including my hand and the intake end of the filter). The red tail shark, Bubbles, likes to swim in the out-flow of the filter, leaping in and out of the current towards the filter. The 2 upside down catfish...well, if you've ever seen one in action, you understand how bizarre and crazy they can be. They also occasionally dart out of their hiding places and scare the other fish that are nearby. Then there's the 1/4" tiger barbs that were in a 1.5 G tank in another room. In order to clean the tank, I would have to remove them and put them in cups to change the water and clean the gravel. One day while cleaning the tank, I had them sit in plastic cups on the counter (one to a cup and there were 4 of them). Some time during the cleaning they had decided on a mass suicide and all 4 jumped out of their cups and landed on the floor. That was the end of the tiger barbs.

    I could probably go on all day about the things my various fish do or have done. They've all been or are very healthy, active fish...but they all seem to be a little mentally defective, but that's part of what makes them all so lovable!
  10. Elodea

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    *Gasp* Does that mean you didn't cycle the tank (or cup)?!