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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Joanbeez, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. JoanbeezNew MemberMember

    so it has officially been a month since I entered the aquarium hobby. I definitely am a research freak and spend all day trying to learn as much as I can about my 3 molly fish and my blue mystery snail. I have a ten gallon tank with a hang on filter and a heater that I keep at a cozy 82 degrees. As I’m becoming more educated and learning more about my fish needs I just stumbled across information about air pumps. Now this is where my question comes up. Do I need an air pump for my tank if I don’t have live plants ? I do worry now that maybe there isn’t as much oxygen circulating as I thought, and feel terrible about it. It’s been a super exciting month with the fish and I definitely see them being in my life long term. So should I add an air pump? And if so what kind of stone do I add to it?
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    How strong is the filter? If it is really strong I would say no.... on some of my tanks I have air stones, some I don’t. I think they would prob be fine without one (understand that a airstone won’t hurt them even if you don’t need one).

    BTW welcome to the forum! Careful about spending to much time with your fish or you may get MTS ;)
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    Thanks for the input! I can tell you that the filter doesn’t seem very strong, but the fish love to swim against its current, especially when I make it a bit stronger. I thought that maybe it’s because molly fish are stream fish, but after reading about oxygen and air pumps I became a bit paranoid. What do you think, is their behavior normal? And thank you for the welcome (what is MTS??)
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    Hi! I think that behavior is normal. I would t worry unless they start t gulp at the surface of the water.

    P.S. MTS is Multiple Tank Syndrome. I know I have it, and you may get it. It is contagious and any fish can carry it. I started three years ago with one misqueto fish in a betta cup. After that I got a 36 gallon. I belive the Molly I got for that tank carried the bug for me, lol. Now three years later I have 12+ aquariums ranging in size from 5-130 gallons. Lol :)

    Here is a link about it:
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    A 10 gallon isn't very large so I would think that the filter would provide enough aeration. One thing to keep in mind though is that the warmer the water the less oxygen will dissolve in it. I would say unless they are regularly gulping at the surface or are lethargic at the bottom they are probably fine.