the middle of my tank looks bare!

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    LOULOUValued MemberMember

    another question from little old me, i have dalmation mollies that seem to stay at the top, loaches,cats,plecos that are at the bottom, a platty that ive named the plastic platty cos he doesnt seem to move and little neons that whizz round so fast together that you barely see them, what stays in the middle, should i get some more platties so that "plastic" isnt on his own? he does seem to be around the middle, wish the mollies would come down and the loaches not hide cos they are my favourites. any suggestions anyone???
  2. Jai

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    Why don't you add a tall kind of ornament in the middle, this will automatically attract your fishes because they would want to swim in and out of it...hope it helps
  3. beckers4oranges

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    tetras are great middle fish... serpea tetras for sure...i have 12 of them so take my word...
  4. vin

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    Any sort of tetra will fill the middle up........
  5. 0morrokh

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    Livebearers like Guppies and Platys should swim all over the tank. Your Platy is probably not active because he is lonely. Definately get a few more, and I bet there will be a change.
  6. Shorty

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    I started with one male platy and hardley every saw him, when I added his girlies he completely changed for the better, he is lord of the manor now with bags of confidence :) Definatley get your platy some company :) Us the ratio 1 male to 2 female and you will have 3 happy fish :)
  7. 0morrokh

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    If you don't want fry, 3 females or I think 3 males would work fine too.
  8. Shorty

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    Oops I forgot about that :)
  9. 0morrokh

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    I know the females would work, but I know some males will fight, so check before trying that...