The Loach Has Changed His Home To The Top Of The Tank.


My weather loach has recently decided to live at the top of the tank...

I've had a friendly weather loach that's lived in the tank for 6 to 12 months. It's just about full grown. It's lived at the bottom along with the same cory catfish and African dwarf frogs since I've had it. The loach lived in the same spot as the others - under a mess of fern roots on one side of the tank (one side of the tank is very heavily planted).

A few weeks ago, the loach relocated to the top of the tank. It's happy as can be, eats regularly, and has no changes in behavior (it's always been a bit lazy), but prefers to balance on plants that nearly reach the surface and spend time at the top where it peacefully hangs around gouramis. It's a bit lazier than it was, but it's not significant. 50 gallon tank, no changes in water levels, no recent issues / changes, no concerns with other fish. Normal circumstances. The loach refuses to go to the bottom of the tank unless frightened. Just happily stays at the top.

I'm wondering if this is normal, or if there could be something at the bottom of the tank it doesn't want to deal with?


Tony M

Could be that it’s being bullied by another fish. Gouramis can be nippy. If it’s staying near the surface and hiding by a heater or filter tube then I’d bet on it.

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