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OK!! now that all my animals have had their friday treats, I figured after a long week at work, it was moms turn!! So I grab a cold and sit on the couch to admire my fish tanks, (dogs are snoozing in the bedroom) and I get these two vids of my oscars...) (SORRY bout the lighting, if I have their tank light on, they think its fooood time) I'm dieing don't take much to amuse me or the fish....I'm thinkin my albino, which we call a she, is telling the tiger off cause HE didnt clean the house! :;kmg His honeydoo list wasn't done!!

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That is cool, shawnie. Much love to your boys which are beautiful oscars.
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Thank you so much...I really wish I knew if they were boys tho LOL ..ive had them 5 years and have not a clue
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HI Shawnie
Love the vid! ;D Your albino.. the orange one? wow.. gorgeous, haven't seen them around. And boy are they are HUGE! funny seeing the gapping mouth open haha... they are great!

~ kate
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"IT" is amazing lol...heres a close up I got the other day..I think I have as many pics of my fish, as I do my human kids!

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Great photos Shawnie..
I never knew that the oscar could have such a cute face as this one!
IT almost looks like a female eh?

~ kate
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because "ITS" so pretty, I tend to call her the Woman of the tank LOL but I really wish I knew...
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Wow beautiful fish!! I wish I had room for big fish like that...looks like they have pretty cool personalities!! More vids please lol
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HAHAHAHA ...finmama I was just grabbing my camera to see if I could catch them again...heres one my daughter just took..the fish going at it then the dogs started!! O lordy I think all the treats these animals got today made them koo koo ...
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Thanks for sharing the videos. I've seen oscars and thought they were a fish with no personality...yours proves that wrong.
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I love the orange ones face :;pumpkin
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My bf calls my oscars puppies...they eat outta his hand and beg every time someone goes up to the tank to look...he touches them like hes patting them also..but I tell him "DONT DO THAT" its like touching a newborn to me...hahah don't want dirty hands on my kids!
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Love, love, love those oscars!!!!!! I love, love , love anything with spunk and spirit. So that would include those sweet dogs at play as well.

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haha that's good stuff. I would probably crack up too!

My barbs "bump uglies" a lot, I just haven't been able to catch it on camera yet...

...but I DID catch my **** algae eater doing laps...

It does it for like 10 minutes straight, and then goes off to do whatever for a while. Even funnier is that it usually does it AROUND the spray bar. Up one side then down the other.
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love it !! sometimes ya wonder what goes on in their brains !! thanks for sharing!
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I LOVE it!
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Hahahah - My chinese algae eater used to do the EXACT same thing!!! He always did it near the filter - round and round, up and down, for hours on end, until I got dizzy!!

Yours looks like a chinese, as well - have you had trouble with him at all?
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It is a chinese algae eater. I haven't had any trouble. It's still young, but I don't think it will give the other tanks mates and grief.

I used to have a full grown CAE, back in the days of the turtle terror...It would always kick the catfish out of the hiding log (the catfish was quite small at the time). The catfish ended up having half it's tail bitten off. But the joke's on the got eaten. I would have to say turtles are incompatible tank mates, lol.
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No doubt about it Shawnie , our Oscars are almost like having little puppies . Very friendly and extreemly outgoing personalities, Great pics & vids. Oh and thanks for letting me know about this site. Great site, filled with great info.
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welcome maybe we can be responsible fish parents

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