The inaccuracy of "Betta Splenden"

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    I know i have mentioned it around the forum a few times but this has to be my biggest peeve. We keep calling this
    "Betta splendens" as they are scientifically named.

    A true wild betta splendens, part of the Splendens complex

    In fact the first fish is not a true splendens at all. It is a mix of the entire splendens complex

    Honestly, there has to be a better way to display the name of Domestic Betta Splendens. I mean, technically since it is a splendens hybrid of the entire complex the term "Betta Splendens" makes some sense, but the name indicates that it is one species, not a hybrid of 4. A lot of misinformation gets passed off because of this confusion because Wild splendens are rather peaceful where as the domesticated is highly unusually aggressive for its complex.
    Ok, rant over.
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    I think it is implied that the bettas are domestic, unless otherwise specified.

    Sounds like the genetic variances probably play a role in how well the specimen does in a community setting.
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    More then likely. In the end the big ol hybrid was then line bred to create a kind of base domestic betta. That was bred to be aggressive in all sense's of the term and then from there the base was bred to be all the various tail types and such we have now. They are ALL aggressive but minor minor ratio differences in which species the fish has running through it may effect its behavior. Not likely but possible, they have been bred to a fine absolution of a mix and then onward to be their own hybrid species by all means. Why not just name them something generic like Betta Domestic or such? It is kind of fitting. They simply arn't betta splendens. Splendens complex, yes.

    Another interesting thought is the possibility to out breed to the base species. With betta, it is pretty much impossible. Splendens are too aggressive to breed with the other splendens. Technically they could breed to them, but behaviorally you would be hard pressed to get it done. Maybe a female domestic to a aggressive wild male.

    A good parallel comparison would be the domestic leopard gecko. It, like domestic bettas, does not truly exist in the wild. There are 3 sub-species that make it up. The difference is that people can and do out breed domestic Leos to their wild counterparts to create leopard geckos with more influence from one species. Also, leos weren't bred for aggression like bettas so that factors in too i guess, they just have different colors.
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    Honestly, linking to a pic only and saying it is a true wild betta splenden doesn't help much.

    In all due respect, I could post a picture of a gorilla and say it's a monkey.

    Linking to an article that explains the difference would be more helpful.

    Now if what you call a Domestic Betta Splenden is a hybrid, what is it a hybrid of?

    This is an interesting paper.
    Note that they don't call them hybrids at all.
    Simply color and fin morphs.

    Don't get me wrong.
    I have no idea what I'm talking about here but imo, your first post confuses the issue as is it written. :)
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    Heh, i kinda went WAY over the average enthusiasts head eh? To start, i wouldn't say the article is relevent. It is a good article, but they arn't concerned/discussing or even acknowledging that the Domestic is more then just a Wild Splendens. And they unfairly compare their behaviours. To say that they are both aggressive when they see another male of their species is correct. Except the Wild is more "Oh Hai, i don't like you being this close but if your go over there we are cool" and the Domestic is more "OMG I HATE YOU GET AWAY OR WE FIGHT TO THE DEATH". In short, you can keep multiple male and female splendens in a tank together, you cannot do so with domestics.

    The domestic is a hybrid of all the species in the complex(not sure on stiktos because they are really not common at all). They 4 species are similar in some ways. They all have low level aggression, like all gourami/betta species, males are territorial(but as we know that doesn't mean they automatically can't be kept together.)

    You are right though, im going to go find some profiles. It will help. Finding a wild splenden profile is hard though
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