The Heater Busted In My Little Brothers Tank. Help

Discussion in 'Aquarium Heaters' started by Sergo, Aug 22, 2019.

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    I have this 10g with a Pearl Gourami and some neon tetras. I bought it for my little brother and I take care of everything for him. He is super attached to all the fish in there. He even has names for them. Today the heater busted and had all of this brown stuff was flowing out of it into the tank. I found 2 of the neon tetras dead and everything else doesn't look good. I just told him and showed him the heater. He is very mad at me and is telling me I didn't buy a good enough heater. What do I do?
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    I would immediately transfer all inhabitants to a separate tank. If you had any filters on the tank I would transfer them over. I would do a complete teardown of the affected tank and then refill and go through the cycling process (with fish). I would also buy bacteria seeding products from the lfs to help your fish recover. Ensure all water is treated with dechlorinator. Depending on your ambient temperature the fish may be alright in the temporary bucket/tank. Just get them out of the busted heater environment.
    If you care for the fish Im hoping you have a tank already set up? If you do I would absolutely put the still alive fish in there.