The fish, the fur, and the physicist: the five second rule

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by endlercollector, Aug 5, 2014.

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    I was getting caught up on posts on Fishlore, of course, when I heard my husband the physicist desperately calling for my help outside and the sound of many barking dogs. I ran through the house and found him coming into the kitchen.

    "Are you okay? " I asked him.

    "I couldn't find you!" he exclaimed, sounding panicky.

    "I was in the bedroom. What happened?" I asked, worried. "Did one of the dogs get out out of the fence?"

    But he was already running back to the laundry room and going out the back door. "It's on the patio," he called back over his shoulder.

    "What is on the patio?" I asked, running after him.

    Then, "No!" he yelled. "Get away from there!" He was trying to push dogs out of the way.

    The four little dogs who were banished out to the patio after one began hunting my fish were milling about, sniffing furiously at a spot on the steps where hubby was peering as if trying to find something he had lost. Something really small actually, but he doesn't wear contact lenses. I was confused.

    "Did they get something? "I asked, imagining a rodent that had already been swallowed up. But it was the middle of the afternoon and not prime possum time.

    "It was here," he said.

    "What was there?" I asked.

    "It looked like a fish," he said, still searching. Then he pointed to what looked like a wet spot.

    "How would one of my fish get out here?" I asked, incredulous. "They couldn't jump all the way out the back door, not even the Endler's."

    "But it was flopping," he explained.

    I looked around me, trying to think of what would make sense on that spot just under the eaves with the wisteria on the pergola overhead. "A baby bird?"

    "Maybe a lizard," he suggested.

    "Lizards don't wander around the patio in the shade," I responded, still puzzled. Then I saw where the beagle Doxy boy had dug up the remains of a flower pot. "Maybe it was an earth worm."

    "oh yeah, maybe that was it. "

    "You know, there are some things I can't fix," I said. "The dogs believe in the five-second rule even outside."
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  2. Micaela13Well Known MemberMember

    Hahaha :D I bet that was interesting.

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  3. ToniaWell Known MemberMember

    LOL, I love the interaction that you have in your tale. You kept me wondering what was going to happen next for every line! Love it, EC!!!
  4. Fishy FriendsWell Known MemberMember

    I always enjoy your adventures!

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