The final line up... i think...

  1. Multitank Initiate Member

    After reading an insane amount from reputable sites and opinionated ones, and a lot of time spent cross checking with AqAdvisor.... Here is what I have come up with! (Note the numbers are slightly high because i am assuming i will lose at least one of each school and dont want to be left short...AqAdvisor says with these extra numbers i still do not exceed the max bioload by more than 4% in any tank)

    5 gallon with filter, heater, and live moss plants (hopefully well planted)
    Zebra nerite snail
    Horned nerite snail
    6 red cherry shrimp
    6 ninja OR Amano shrimp

    10 gallon with filter, heater, mostly fake plants, but if the 5 gallon goes well ill try this one too with live plants...
    Zebra nerite snail
    Horned nerite snail
    6-7 panda cories
    10 red OR emerald dwarf rasboras

    20 gallon with filter, heater, well planted with fake plants...and a pond snail or horned snail infestation...
    From the old tank (all very happy and getting along nicely)
    3 peppered cories
    2 very old red long fin tetras
    1 male swordtail
    Hope to introduce to fill the wide open space in the mid-top of the tank:
    1 assassin snail (to keep the other snails under control...not exterminate, but control)
    7-8 long finned zebra danios
    (When the tetras eventually pass i plan to bulk up the cory numbers!)

    Thoughts and experience welcome! I will be going out in the morning for the assassin and plant set up things...should I use some water from my 20 g to help start the cycle in the 5 g?

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  2. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    You don't have to use the water from the 20 to seed the 5 because the bacteria is not in the water column. It's in your bio media. And I would not remove any bio media for any reason. The ten might be a little tight but not too bad, and you need more cories in the 20. They like to be in groups of five or more.
  3. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

  4. Multitank Initiate Member

    I have the bio filter from the change over... But its been dry for nearly 48 hours... I put it in already... But not sure how it will manage...

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  5. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    OK, well what's done is done. The only reason I don't like the idea of borrowing media to seed a new filter is that the old filter is now lacking. Your cycle will have enough bacteria to handle the bio-load in your tank. Adding too many fish at once or removing media from the filter may result in an ammonia spike and a mini cycle. But you could always add some TSS if the levels get out of whack.
  6. Multitank Initiate Member

    I think you misunderstood... I have the 20 up and running and cycled... It is missing nothing... The 5 is empty at the moment... I can wait that one out... Im just using the old filter from the previous tank... The current fishes have nothing to fear... I was just wondering if i could use the old filter (currently not in use) to speed the bacteria growth of the new one...

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  7. Multitank Initiate Member

    I will take samples to the store tomorrow just to double check though... They were fine :)

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  8. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Got it. Then you're fine, but the bacteria will die if it sits dry for too long.
  9. Multitank Initiate Member

    Hrmm... Well ill give it a shot... See what happens... Ill be testing the water regularly before putting anything in anyways :-D

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  10. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    In the 10 gallon drop the panda corys, the tank is too small for them go with the rasboras.
    In the 20 gallon up the number of peppered as soon as you can as they should be kept in groups of 6+
    Don't forget the pics when they're all set up :)
  11. Multitank Initiate Member

    I need some bottom feeders for the 10... I have had Cory's in it before very happily... Perhaps lower the schools each by one so 6 pandas and 8-9 rasboras...i want to make sure i have activity in multiple levels... I have a really good filter in it and purposely chose dwarf species so they would have more room. I am also quite particular about my regular water changes!

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  12. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Pandas aren't a dwarf species, they get to a good 2" not including tail.
    You'd be better with Habrosus as they are a dwarf species, the males only getting to around 1" the females a little bigger
  13. Multitank Initiate Member

    Awesome thanks! I must have had a bad source online there... I was reading about them and it said they reach 1 -1.5 inches max! Ill go with the habrosus for sure!!!

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