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  1. FshNew MemberMember

    My 5 Gallon Betta tank was a new experience for me. My university limits tank size in a residence room at 5 gallons or less, so I bought a 5 gallon tank, Elite Stingray5 Filter and Elite heater, and the other tank basics, as well as a Male Betta.

    Tank Layout #1: Circa September 2009

    Then after multiple tail-shreddings on the plastic plants, I purchased some silk plants and did this:

    Tank Layout #2: Circa January 2010

    But I was getting tired of the Ornament... I wanted something different... After a trip to the dollar store, I came up with this:

    Tank Layout #3: Circa Late February/Early March 2010

    But hey! Now I want 2 Bettas... A divider and $20 later... and Here is the current tank layout

    Tank Layout #4: Circa March 2010

    My Bettas:
    Alpha Houdini the Veil Tail: He's a chronic tail biter. This was last week before he chomped off the majority of his tail. Thankfully, it regrows in a few weeks. When he has a tail, he's a Red (but looks Magenta) mottled with purple bodied-Betta with Purple metalic highlights on his body and fins

    (Name is still pending decision.) So far he's being referred to as Chomp Cemlexarahey (Chem-Lex-Air-Ah-Hey; a combo of 4 of my friend's names): A fairly new and energetic addition to my tank (as in, added yesterday). He's a red/blue/white metallic-like Crowntail.
    (One pic doesn't do his colour justice)
  2. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Love your boys. They are very pretty :) You did a good job decorating also.
  3. clickWell Known MemberMember

    That's one cool tank. :;perfect

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