The end of an era

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    My tank keeping history has been fairly stable. I've had incidents and catastrophes with them over time, but once I got a handle on this hobby I settled into being a "2 large-ish tanks" keeper. The first proper tank I got running was a kind gift from a friend who purchased it from some bloke who purchased it from the dude that made it, etc, and was the one that died a terrible death last weekend. It was a 40odd gallon job and the tank that taught me just what possibilities lie in such a generous volume of water. It fed MTS and got me to purchase the cursed 55 gallon bowfront that sprung two slow leaks, had a filter malfunction, taught me the joy of sand, aquascaping, breeding, plecos, and so on. That tank was a write-off after the second leak. I emptied it and put an advert straight on gumtree and pet link. An emergency replacement was bought brand new, and I have a truly amazing 75 in my lounge. I thought things were stable. This brand new 75 shouldn't cause trouble. God, I hope not, anyway. That is such an immense amount of water! And then I had the 40ish with my vegetarians who bred like little rabbits and all was well. Alas. Last Sunday I was lounging about with the kids watching the tv. We were waiting for the hub to get home with a new mattress we'd been out shopping for. All of a sudden the power went out. "wait, what? It's mid afternoon and sunny! There's no storm... What's this about? ...oh, oh no. Kids, have you left a tap running?" ah, no. The water was deep enough to splash about in. Turned out the base had cracked right down the middle. The fish are in a bucket still but should be in their temporary new home tomorrow. I'm truly down about it. I can't set up a tank that could house plecos. My dear BNs just have to go. The cories can stay in the new tank. I've bought a new led light as well as some fertiliser type substrate. At least, I think it's fertiliser substrate stuff. The bag is in mandarin, and traditional characters at that. My less-than-bare-minimum mandarin can handle pinyin - not funky font characters.

    All that work over the last few years is now over. I'm trying not to be sad, but it's futile. I'm really defeated about it. Ah, I'm whinging too much. :(
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    I'm so sorry! We do tend to get attached to our fish.
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    She'll be right mate!
    It's not how we fall, but how we get up. It's just plain un-Australian to give up! :console:

    First try and work out how it broke.... unsuitable stand perhaps? unstable flooring? Was it on polystyrene to absorb irregularities?

    It's not great, but I'm sure before long, Santa may bring you a new big tank to house your pleco.
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, chin up, it will all work out for you.:D
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    Oh no!! Please hang in there. We love your stories, advice, and seeing you here. :)

    I feel your heartache. Sending you hugs from America.
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    Sorry to hear! I do hope that a good solution is found and quickly for you. This is one of those hobbies that is just very relaxing to do.
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    So sorry to hear about your tank and the troubles you've had, Zen. It is hard to struggle through a problem that seems so insurmountable, but I know you can do it! If I was close enough, I would offer the spare tanks I have to help house your fish friends until you can provide better homes. I wish you all the best and hope to hear that it's all worked out better than you thought it would.
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    Thank you, everyone. I couldn't even come on here until yesterday but now I'm glad I did.

    The short version of what caused it is my uneven flooring. I didn't realise until the 55 bow leaked for the second time in the same place. I got the spirit level out and sure enough, the same back corner sat over 0.5 cm lower than its diagonal. After that one was cleared out I put the new 75 in the lounge room. It sits right over a pier in the floor so I know the floor is as stable as it will ever be and shouldn't sag with it sitting on this old oak bench that happens to weigh approximately a metric tonne, lol. I'm exaggerating, but it's so heavy and solid! So anyway, the 75 took the place of this old 40. I figured if I put the 40 on the stand the 75 came with (which, by the way, was veneered MDF!!!! can MDF hold what a 75 gallon aquarium would weigh??), then the 40 should be more than ok back in the spot the 55 leaked in. This happened to be my bedroom. So it got set up and everything seemed great. My dad (who was helping with the musical tanks) thought the 40 should be chocked up on the corners and I remember thinking "ah, I don't want to offend him so I'll remove these when he's gone home". He hasn't owned an aquarium and glass-weight-pressure distribution isn't much of something he's had to consider before. Of course, I forgot all about them when my parents left and filled it up and here I am. I've set up the new tank, a small 15ish gallon, in the kitchen. It's got the cories and plecos in there. I'll get some pics soon because I want to get it heavily planted and maybe start shrimp keeping.

    Thanks for being supportive all. It's appreciated :)
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    Good to see you back on the horse :D

    Don't forget some polystyrene under the tanks too. It can help overcome small irregularities under the tank ;)
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    How thick of polystyrene would you suggest under the tanks, Ryan? I've not tried that before
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    Hi shayla,
    My Reef tank has polystyrene about 1cm thick I think. Most LFS will have tank foam.

    But a word of caution, some tanks are not designed to have polystyrene under them. Typical glass boxes are, but others may not be (like some of the kits you can get)
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    Oh no! So sorry about this!