The Dragon Lady is Appeased: plants from Pet Center, aka


Dragon ladies are made in fish stores, but this one was appeased at last. The brick and mortar store in question is Pet Center in Monterey Park, CA, and I drove 80 miles each way from Riverside, CA, as their prices are low low low, especially with the 2 for 3 special that was going on. They had the same 2 for 3 special going on, plus I got free shipping. Their phone number is on their website, and they answer their phone as well as their email.

I will warn you that the mother plants I got weren't generally so big, and their source in Thailand seems to make up for it by packing in extra plants. I got 4 medium and 2 smaller swords instead of 1 mother plant, but since that was a freebie, I ended up not complaining about that one.

Here's what I got at the store:
Anubias broad leaf, mother plant (not as many leaves as I would have preferred, but it's really tall and fills my 40-gal breeder)
Anubias hastifolia
Anubias wrinkled leaf
Anubias minima
Anubias striped
Anubias hetrophylia
Anbuias lanceolota
Anubias short and sharp
Anubias barterI marble
Anubias afzelii

It turned out that they charged me 2x on the mother plant, and I didn't discover it until I got home as I was in a rush to get my daughter from school. I was irate. They told me they could either refund me the amount on that plant or give me 2x off my next order. I went with the latter, and got

Melon sword, mother plant (turned out they were 4 medium and 2 small, as I said)
Echinidorus rubin
3 Echinidorus “twist” (which I agreed to get instead of the mother Echinodorus “big bear” that the supplier couldn’t get; they’d offered me 2 mother echinidorus amazonicus, which was just as well because I might have ended up with a total of 12!)
3 Echinodorus horizontalis (instead of 1)
Bolbitis “baby leaf”
1 bunch hyrophila angustifolia
1 bunch rotala indica
1 bunch bacopa myriophilloides
1 bunch Micranthemum micranthemoides
1 bunch Ceratopteris thalicroide
2 Echinodorus “marble queen”

Total cost, including tax, about $150


Dude. I'm saving that link in my favorites. That's more anubias than I've seen in one place before!

Can't wait to check out the other plants. Was the anubias mother plant you got actually a mother plant?


They had 4 other kinds of anubias in the store that I didn't get because I had already foolishly bought them elsewhere.

The mother anubias broad leaf, not including the large rock I stuck it on, fills a space that is approximately 13" x 13" x 13".

Sorry about the algae--I'm behind schedule, plus I keep turning it around--it's still not in the right position :b


That looks amazing, ec!

I think I'll be placing an order for a few plants I haven't found elsewhere >.>

Edit: oops I did it.

Echinodorus "Marble Queen". I was sold lol, that's going to look amazing in my swordtail biotope.
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Those are some nice looking plants, hrm.. Not to far away from me either, will have to stop by my next trip to Knott's Berry Farm.

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