The Different Types Of Angelfish


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Here is a list of Angelfish pictures for anyone who'd like to identify them
As I get the chance I will add more...

Credit for this also goes to Tom, as it was his idea.

Black Angel

Black Lace


Silver Angel

Half Black

Chocolate Ghost
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yeah still lots more to be added, never really made the effort to get more, will do early next year hopefully. feel free to add if you like!
I love the variety! I think most people don't realize how many kinds of angels there are.. I didn't until we got Fred and started looking at Angels more. Now to find "Wilma".

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Look forward to seeing her when you get her!
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How do you tell the difference between a Koi and a Golden Marble?
To be honest i'm not really sure. But I think the koi has more orange than the gold marble. I intend to research the types thoroughly sometime during the year.

Blue blushing

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I could be mistaken, but I believe a true 'albino' has a red eye... like this?
You could well be correct. I am going to do research and should be able to get thorough info on the types soon.

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How do you tell the difference between a Koi and a Golden Marble?

A koi is a gold marble blusher, a gold marble looks the same, no translucent gill plate that makes a blusher what it is.
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I have a picture of my blushing blue if you'd like to use her on here.

I also have what I believe to be a gold cobra. I've got plenty of pictures of both. Just let me know if you'd like to use the pictures on here.
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How's mine called?


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DaroRs it seems the angels with stripes are "Tuxedo" with long fins. Their specialty is to change their color (fade/darken), as in the stripes go off and come on every second. I have 2 of those, but not with long fins. They have short fins. My both Tuxedo seems to be really energetic.

However, I am posting 1 of my adult pair over here.

She is a female, her tube is hanging down with a big hole. something long came out her tube and fell on the bottom of the tank, while I was taking this picture.

This one's a male, cuz he chases everyone away, except the female in the above pic and another female, who's a baby. He is just like an "Albino angel fish". The only difference is that he has a red eye, where as "Albino's have black eye. Name of this breed is "Red Eye Platinum", which is very rare and expensive.

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This thread could be a great resource; however, I am concerned with the mislabeling. For example, the Gold Marble and Koi are both mislabeled. Gold Marbles will have gold in its dorsal fin; while Koi do not and are blushing. And, the photo labeled as Albino is a Platinum as it does not have the red eye that is found in a true albino specimen.
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Please pay attention to dates. This thread is from last fall!

Newer angel types are constantly being developed. Keep researching them and watching for new developments. And, if there is a particular type you are interested in contact breeders.

My most recent acquisitions include Blue Smokeys and Pinoy Smokeys. They are very nice!!
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For anyone who was wondering, in order for anything to be classified as Albino it must have red eyes. Albinism causes conditions in the eye, one of which causes the red blood cells in the eye to be visible, which is what colors them red. Also, someone should compile all these pictures (and others?) into something more organized so that it's more accessible. Just a suggestion... Enjoyed the information though!
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Albinism is the lack of all colour pigmentation (melanin). It can happen in pretty much any animal (humans to whales to snails) and Is always characterised by having white skin/fur/scales and red eyes due to the fact there is no pigmentation in the iris. Due to this albinos usually have eyesight problems and can be very sensitive to light sources. And should not be housed near direct sunlight as believe it or not they can burn. Now I'm not 100% sure how badly fish are affected by these issues but I know people whales and snakes do suffer from these if indeed they are a true albino.


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^ Much more exact. I forgot why exactly you could see the blood cells too, thanks for the whole refresher. An Albino whale... That'd be an unusual sight! And aren't tanks not to be exposed to direct sunlight anyway? And how would a snake who, being a cold-blooded animal must expose itself to sunlight in order to warm up and get moving, survive albinism? Or would it just be an advantage, allowing it to heat up faster? So many questions...
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I think in the wild they die pretty quick. They can be there for short amounts of time but my friend had to have a non uv heater (not sure if that is common practice anyway never kept reptiles) and sun cream comes in very handy with Land albinos.
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Yeah I believe I had such a heater when I kept Firebelly Toads. Weird to think that a snake can burn. I can't imagine them surviving really at all in the wild if sunbathing injures them, since it's necessary. Okay, should probably get back on topic >.>
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Here is a list of Angelfish pictures for anyone who'd like to identify them
As I get the chance I will add more...

Credit for this also goes to Tom, as it was his idea.

ATTN Mike, or whomever, some of the are broken.

Clown Angel
Golden Marble
Zebra Angel

Those are the ones with broken s.
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july 20th 2014 018.JPGWe have reared about 50 Angels now and they all seem to look like this ,why aren`t we getting different colours.......

july 20th 2014 016.JPGHere`s one from the same batch....

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