The blue ram pair

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  1. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    I thought I would share some of the pictures of my two small german blue rams. The female came first about a month ago, and I recently found a male that was roughly the same size as her. I didn't encounter any of the same pairing behavior as I did with the first pair, this time it seems the female courted the male. It was rather interesting to see what she would do to get his attention, but I am thinking it worked. Not even a week after getting the male they are pretty much inseparable, and now the female seems to have claimed a corner of the tank. I am happy with the little pair, and they are much better off now as opposed to being housed with 8 blood parrots.

    The male, and the female working below picking things off leaves. He still lacks some color, but he should gain more color as he gets older and more comfortable in the tank.


    The female
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  2. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    What do you feed them?? I feed mine NLS 0.5mm and they're nowhere near as colorful as yours. What kind of lights do you have? I'm wondering if my lights are too bright and are washing out their colors. Yours look great :)

  3. Matt BWell Known MemberMember

    They look great Adam! I'm glad it panned out with them pairing for you, I look forward to some spawn threads. ;)

  4. AmazonPassionModeratorModerator Member

    Beautiful Pair.

  5. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    I feed them NLS Thera-A 1mm sinking pellets normally, and thawed bloodworms once a week. The female may be bright right now for mating, at least that is what I have read. The lighting is dual T5HO with ZooMed florasun and ultrasun bulbs, so it may be the bulb combo helping out or something else entirely. They are always full of surprises in all sorts of ways. Thanks!


    Matt, I am really happy it worked out, I really didn't want to take back the male if something didn't work out. If there is a spawning I will be sure to post it up :).
  6. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    Hmmm I have dual T5HOs too, though not fancy bulbs.

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  7. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    That's odd, maybe it is a difference in breeding. The coloring almost looks like the rams that are like a mix of gold and blue ram coloring. The bulbs are the cheapest I could get, I'm too cheap to get the really nice bulbs :). What bulbs do you have? She, or he, looks nice though and I like that plant carpet, is it dwarf sag?
  8. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    They are both shes :) And the carpet is dwarf chain swords. I don't remember what the bulbs are, but they're very yellow, which I'm thinking might be another problem. They look a bit bluer when the lights are off.
  9. QQQUUUUAADDDWell Known MemberMember

    Giesemann bulbs are very high quality.  
  10. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    Ah, I am a novice when it comes to sexing fish, so I play it safe using he/she lol. Yeah, that sounds like a good possibility. The bulbs grow all your plants out really well though. The ultrasun bulb on mine is a bit more blue since my tank looked bright red with just the other bulb.

    I didn't realize giesemann bulbs could be bought so cheap, now I wish I came across that link a few months ago.
  11. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    It took a bit, but I got a nice picture of my male GBR who is doing very well now. The pair did spawn and the only reason I know this is because the female attacked my hand on my last WC. As expected the kuhlis and MTS made quick work of the eggs.

    The male GBR's closeup :)
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  12. Matt BWell Known MemberMember

    Nice picture Adam, he's very handsome!
  13. AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    what a great shot, the color pops out at you!
  14. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks guys, he has turned out to be a very nice addition to the aquarium, and I am happy that both of them seem to be doing well. His colors have came out really well :). Before this he was afraid of the camera and always tried to hide (no lights at all on it), but now he doesn't care.
  15. ramsforlifeNew MemberMember

    plants lots fine gravel high temp and and a pair that likes each other not scared slightly cocky and u got some very colour ful fish i do lol

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