The Big One......boy or girl?

Discussion in 'Red Devil Cichlid' started by SkyRaign, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. SkyRaignNew MemberMember

    I have had this Red Devil for 4 years now. I first got it with another one, and raised them together. Initially both fish were about the size of a US quarter. This fish grew MUCH faster than its tankmate, and ultimately killed it and any other tankmates it has had. Now this fish is about 8.5 inches long.

    While I know that males are larger than females, what I do not know is how large they can get relative to one another. Also, I understand that males get a nuchal bump, but I was unable to find at approximately what age this really blooms. This fish here has had the beginnings of one for a long time now. The fins also seem more pointed which from my understanding is indicative of a male, along with the more rapid growth. But, I am really not certain, thus this topic. Maybe someone with more experience can tell. And yes, "The Big One" is the fish's name......for an obvious reason =P.

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  2. kribensis keeper

    kribensis keeperValued MemberMember

    i think he is a male now i dont know how big males get vs female but overall the get areound 11inch by the beautiful fish
  3. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    Woah, he's a looker! Beautiful fish! I'd guess male as well with the hump on his head. Mercy, that's one good-looking fish!
  4. CichlidzNew MemberMember

    You are telling me that my Red Devil is only half grrrown??? and here I thought he/she was about there now.

    Well what about the Midas? My midas doesn't look like the pictures, but when I went to a site that shows all the technicals and the scientific names, my gray Cichlid looks identical to what the describe and show as a Midas. But mine doesn't have a prominent bulb head.
    Both the cichlid I have must be female? I wish I know how to post pictures on this website.

    Also, which I am on the Cichlid asking - (yeah I am new to cichlids, they came with the tank)
    I have that 13 1/2 inch Pleco in the tank and as long as I leave off the light, neither Cichlid is as aggressive or mad acting, they seem to be much more docile. But if I turn on the tube light overhead, they become almost irritated and angry at anything that moves or is in their domain.
    That poor Pleco gets hammered on by both Cichlids relentlessly until his only refuge is the 15" tall Hotel in the tank.
    The other tank mate is the goldfish that got away - little scales left on the right side and no Right eye. Only a Left eye and so for that reason keeps them in full view most all of the time. Sometimes he isn't paying attention and gets a nudge or a T Bone bump which doesn't look like much, but it must be it is, cause it looks like it hurt.
    I put in some feeder fish, that dumb Red Devil just kills them and swims away, so much for the eating part and leaves there until it stinks bad enough for me to remove it.

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