the aftermath of an ich infestation

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    I have two aquairums that have been set up for years. One is home to tropical community fish and the other is home to my beloved ryukin goldfish. I test the water conditions regularly and everything is where it should be. I recently added new fish to the tropical tank and within a week, the tank was infested with ich. The ich has cleared up now, but I am left with a couple of questions. I use a python siphon to do my weekly water changes. I have been using it every day on the tank with ich to do 25% watch changes as the infestation clears. It's coming time for me to clean my goldfish tank and I do not want to spread the disease to that tank. How should I go about cleaning the python to make it safe to use on the goldfish tank? I will throw out the algae scrubber I used in the tropical tank and start using a separate one for each tank from now on, but the pithon is the one piece of equipment I must use on both tanks. How long can the parasites survive on surfaces once they are out of water? I just really need to make sure my goldie doesn't get sick as a result of sharing the cleaning equipment with the tropical tank. Thank you in advance for any help or information you can provide. I'm glad to have found this forum :;hi1
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    Simply just because of your attachment which is blatantly clear, I wouldn't even chance it... Now you have nothing to worry about :)
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    Welcome to the forum

    How did you treat the ich?

    Also, ich is about the easiest of ailments to treat, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, even if you did happen to cross contaminate.
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