The 20g Inhabitants


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This is a very feisty tank.

All of them are ruled by "The Boss", a huge female molly named Cookie. She keeps the tetras in line, the betta boy in line, and everyone steers clear of getting in her way. As long as Cookie is happy, everyone is happy.

I'm sure the tank would be chaos without Cookie lol

Anywho, tank is home to Cookie (marble lyretail molly female), Dumpling (creamsicle balloon molly female), Pilati (blue mickey mouse platy female), Franklin (veiltail betta male), Daquiri (long fin white skirt tetra female), Kraken (long fin white skirt tetra, gender unknown), Rum (black skirt tetra male), Gin (black skirt tetra male), and Whiskey (long fin black skirt tetra male). Plus some snails.

The size difference between Cookie and Dumpling is impressive. Cookie is one of our longest owned fish, along with a dwarf gourami in another tank. We had done a fish in cycle with them, and theyve been through a lot. Cookie has been through having fry a couple times, fungal infection, cycling, crashed cycle, ich. Shes been the one to bear the brunt of our beginner mistakes. Shes got such a bold personality too, always coming to the front of the tank to greet us and demand food.


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