That bird you hear from the neighborhood over


Fish break! We all know you guys have had or currently have that one bird you can hear from what feels like a mile away. For 8 years now, Ive had to deal with 2 little Rascals who love nothing but their terrible screeching and bad american idol auditionings. Meet Rio and Kiwi. Rio is my Sun Conure and KiwI is my Senegal. KiwI is a bully but Rio is the recieving end of the bully treatment and still loves nothing more than being by her side. They are both 8 years old!



Stunning birds you have there. I owned cockatiels for years and loved them.


Omg I love birdeets. Yours are so beautiful! We've always had birds in the home. We had a cockatiel that lived for 20 years. Sadly she passed away a few years ago, but this bird was one of a kind. She was like the family dog. She had free run of the house and would greet us at the door when we came home. She would even peck at my door in the morning until I opened it and let her come cuddle. She ate dinner with us at the table, came for car rides. After she passed my mom now bought a new bird, but he's nasty! Animals are like people, some have good personalities and some just suck. Maybe he'll come around though, my mom still treats him like a king.

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